Leon Trotsky. The Challenge of the Left Opposition (1923-1929)

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Leon Trotsky. The Challenge of the Left Opposition (1923-1929).  

New York: Pathfinder Press. 1975/1980/1981.

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Note About the Author



First Letter to the Central Committee

Second Letter to the Central Committee

The New Course

Appendix 1: The New Course (A Letter to Party Meetings)

Appendix 2: Functionarism in the Army and Elsewhere

Appendix 3: On the «Smychka» Between Town and Country (More Precisely: On the «Smychka» and False Rumors)

Appendix 4: Two Generations

Speech to the Thirteenth Party Congress

On the Defeat of the German Revolution

Problems of Civil War

The Lessons of October

Our Differences

Letter to the Plenum of the Central Committee

Two Statements «By Trotsky»

Toward Capitalism or Socialism?

A Split in the Triumvirate

Appendix A: The Platform of the Forty-six

Appendix B: The New Course Resolution





Three letters to Bukharin

Excerpts, Amendments to Rykov’s resolution

Notes on economic questions

Party bureaucratism and party democracy

Declaration of the Thirteen

For equalization of wages

Excerpts, The elections to the soviets

Questions and answers about the Opposition

In defense of the Opposition bloc

Party unity and the danger of split

Is discussion needed?

Statement of the Opposition

Speech to the Fifteenth Conference

Theses on revolution and counterrevolution

Speech to the Seventh (enlarged) Plenum of the ECCI

Why the Opposition will vote against the resolution on Stalin’s report

Problems of the Comintern

For an objective assessment

National aspects of politics in Kazakhstan

Excerpts, Letter on the German ‘lefts’

Stalin, the peasant, and the gramophone

Declaration of the Eighty-four

Letter to Krupskaya

The party crisis deepens

Excerpts, Resolution of the All-Russia Metal Workers Union

‘Defeatism’ and Clemenceau

To a member of the ‘buffer group’


The Opposition’s ‘insurrectionism’: A statement on Molotov’s speech

Speech to the joint plenum of the CC and the CCC

Statement of the Thirteen

Protest on abridgment of the statement of the Thirteen

Letter on the tactics of the Opposition

Platform of the Opposition: The party crisis and how to overcome it

The Clemenceau thesis and the party regime

Excerpts, Speech to the presidium of the ECCI

The Opposition and the Wrangel officer

Excerpts, The seven-hour day

Excerpts, Recognition of the tsarist debts

The fear of our platform

How they corrupt the Communist League of Youth

Our tone in the discussion

Excerpts, Countertheses of the Opposition on the five-year plan

Summing up the tenth anniversary events

For an inquiry into the attacks on Oppositionists

In memory of A.A. Joffe

The Opposition ‘statement’ and the situation in the party

The statement of the 121

Two statements to the Fifteenth Congress

At a new stage





Appeal of the deportees

Problems of the International Opposition (two letters)

The international factor

To a few exiled friends

‘Pravda’ sounds the alarm

A pair of Sancho Panzas

Pyatakov: a politically finished man

Our correspondents

The relation of criticism to support

Letter to Ryazanov

We cannot follow a short-range policy

Conditions in Alma-Ata

The general outline of my work

The Opposition’s errors-real and alleged

Preobrazhensky’s proposal

Portrait of a capitulator

The methods of leadership

Rumors from Moscow

A crudely empirical turn

Declaration to the Sixth Comintern Congress

What to expect from the Sixth Congress

Radek’s theses

The July Plenum and the right danger

The conflicts are still ahead

The law of zigzags remains in force

Who is leading the Comintern today?

Remarks after the Sixth Congress

Max Eastman: A friend of the October Revolution

A heart-to-heart talk with a well-meaning party member

The Sixth Congress and the Opposition’s tasks

No political concessions to conciliationist moods

Analogies with Thermidor

The danger of Bonapartism and the Opposition’s role

How to criticize the centrists

An ultraleft caricature of Stalin

Our differences with the Democratic Centralists

Crisis in the right-center bloc

On the topics of the day

Too conciliatory a line?

Marxism and the relation between proletarian and peasant revolution

What is the ‘smychka’?

Reply to an ultimatum

Reply to two conciliators

Protest against deportation

Message on arriving in Constantinople

Appendix A: Bukharin-Kamenev meeting

Appendix B: Philosophical tendencies of bureaucratism

Appendix C: Summary of charges against Trotsky

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