M. Alexander – H. Graham, eds. The French and Spanish Popular Fronts.

Biblioteca / 1980-1989

Martin Alexander – Helen Graham, eds. The French and Spanish Popular Fronts. Comparative Perspectives.

Cambridge University Press, 1989. 290 páginas.


Introduction / Martin S. Alexander – Helen Graham

The formation of the French Popular Front, 1934-6 / Joel Colton

The origins and nature of the Spanish Popular Front / Santos Julia

The French Radicals, Spain and the emergence of appeasement / H. Haywood Hunt

The Spanish army and the Popular Front / Michael Alpert

Soldiers and Socialists: the French officer corps and leftist government, 1935-7 / Martin S. Alexander

The Spanish Church and the Popular Front: the experience of Salamanca province / Mary Vincent

‘La main tendue’, the French Communist Party and the Catholic Church, 1935-7 / James Steel

Trotskyist and left-wing critics of the Popular Front / Tom Kemp

The development of marxist theory in Spain and the Frente Popular / Paul Heywood

The other Popular Front: French anarchism and the Front Revolutionnaire / David Berry

The French Popular Front and the politics of Jacques Doriot / Alan Forrest

The Blum government, the Conseil National Economique and economic policy / Adrian Rossiter

Social and economic policies of the Spanish left in theory and in practice / José Manuel Macarro Vera

Women, men and the 1936 strikes in France 185 / Sidn Reynolds

From clientelism to communism: the Marseille working class and the Popular Front / David A. L. Levy

A reinterpretation of the Spanish Popular Front: the case of Asturias / Adrian Shubert

Le temps des loisirs: popular tourism and mass leisure in the vision of the Front Populaire / Julian Jackson

The educational and cultural policy of the Popular Front government in Spain, 1936-9 / Christopher Cobb

French intellectual groups and the Popular Front: traditional and innovative uses of the media / Martin Stanto