Marcello Musto. Another Marx.

Biblioteca / 2010-2019

Marcello Musto. Another Marx. Early Manuscripts to the International. 

Londres: Bloomsbury, 2018.

Traducción: Patrick Camiller.

xii, 272 páginas.



1 – The Marx revival

2 – New research paths

3 – Chronology of Marx’s writings

Part 1

Intellectual Influences and Early Writings

1 – Childhood, Youth and University Studies

The rabbi manqué

At school in Trier and studiosus juris in Bonn

Into the arms of the enemy

A young Hegelian in Berlin

2 – The Encounter with Political Economy

Paris: Capital of the nineteenth century

Classics of political economy and alienated labour

Manuscripts and notebooks of excerpts: The papers of 1844

From critical philosophy to revolutionary praxis

Part 2

The Critique of Political Economy

3 – Waiting for the Economic Crisis

Continuing the study of economics

In the solitude of exile

Research notes of 1850–1853

The trial of the communists and personal hardships

Articles on the crisis for the New-York Tribune

4 – At the Time of the Grundrisse

Th e fi nancial crisis of 1857 and the date with the revolution

History and the social individual

Poverty in London

In search of a method

Writing the Grundrisse

Struggling against bourgeois society

5 – The Polemic against Carl Vogt

Herr Vogt

Fighting misery and disease

In the meantime ‘Economics’ waits

Journalism and international politics

6 – Capital: The Unfinished Critique

Critical analysis of theories of surplus-value

The writing of the three volumes

The completion of Volume I

In search of the defi nitive version

Part 3

Political Militancy

7 – The Birth of the International Working Men’s Association

The right man in the right place

Organizational development and growth

The defeat of the mutualists

8 – The Revolution in Paris

The struggle for liberation in Ireland

Opposition to the Franco-Prussian War

The Paris Commune takes power

The political turn of the London conference

9 – The Conflict with Bakunin

The crisis of the International

Marx versus Bakunin

Two opposing conceptions of revolution

Socialism in Russia?