Marcello Musto, ed. Rethinking Alternatives with Marx.

Biblioteca / 2020-2029

Marcello Musto, editor. Rethinking Alternatives with Marx. Economy, Ecology and Migration. 

Londres/Nueva York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2021.

xxxiii, 354 páginas.


Preface / Marcello Musto

Part I

Capitalism, Gender and Social Relations

1 – The Factory and the Family as Spaces of Capital / Himani Bannerji

2 – Marx on Gender, Race, and Social Reproduction: A Feminist Perspective / Silvia Federici

3 – Capital as a Social Relation: Form Analysis and Class Struggle / Bob Jessop

4 – Commodity and the Postmodern Spectacle / Alfonso Maurizio Iacono

Part II

Environmental Crisis and the Struggle for Nature

5 – Primitive Accumulation as the Cause of Economic and Ecological Disaster / Kohei Saito

6 – Marx and Environmental Catastrophe / Gregory Claeys

7 – Finding a Way Out of the Anthropocene: The Theory of ‘Radical Needs’ and the Ecological Transition / Razmig Keucheyan

Part III

Migration, Labour and Globalization

8 – Accumulation and Its Discontents: Migration and Nativism in Marx’s Capital and Late Manuscripts / David Norman Smith

9 – Marx on Migration and the Industrial Reserve Army: Not to Be Misused! / Pietro Basso

10 – Globalization, Migrant Labour, and Capitalism: Past and Present / Ranabir Samaddar

Part IV

Communism as a Free Association

11 – The Experience of the Paris Commune and Marx’s Reflections on Communism / Marcello Musto

12 – Communism as Probability and Contingency / Álvaro García Linera

13 – Uniting Communism and Liberalism: An Unsolvable Task or a Most Urgent Necessity? / Michael Brie