Marius Ostrowski. Eduard Bernstein on Social Democracy and International Politics.

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Marius Ostrowski. Eduard Bernstein on Social Democracy and International Politics. Essays and Other Writings. 

Londres: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.

vii, 442 páginas.


1 – Introduction

Part I

Social Democracy and International Politics: Social Democracy and the European Question

2 – The Socialist Concept of Democracy

3 – Democracy and Foreign Policy

4 – The Democratisation of Diplomacy

5 – The Politics of Peoples and the Politics of States

6 – Parliamentarism and Foreign Policy

7 – The Value of the Workers’ International

8 – Do We Need a Different International?

9 – On the Historical Rights of Small States

10 – The So-Called Vital National Issues

11 – Patriotism and Class Struggle

12 – The Dispute Over Grand Strategy

13 – Trade Policy and the Relations Between Peoples

14 – The Coming Europe

15 – A Manifesto of the Majority Fraction Within German Social Democracy

Part II

League of Peoples or League of States: An Investigation

16 – League of Peoples or League of States: An Investigation

Part III

International Law and International Politics: The Nature, Questions, and Future of International Law

17 – The Concept and Origin of the Law of Peoples

18 – The Beginnings of Modern Law of Peoples: The Law of Peoples in Peacetime I

19 – The Law of Peoples in Peacetime II

20 – The Law of Peoples and War I

21 – The Law of Peoples and War II

22 – The Convulsion of the Law of Peoples by the Doctrine of Peoples’ War

23 – German Jurisprudence and Ethics

24 – Arbitration in the Law of Peoples and the Work of the Hague

25 – The Further Development of the Law of Peoples in the Spirit of Modern Democracy

26 – International Social Democracy and the Questions of International Law and International Politics

27 – Addendum: The League of Nations and the Rights of Peoples