Martin McCauley, ed. The Russian Revolution and the Soviet State, 1917-1921. Documents.

Biblioteca / 1970-1979 

Martin McCauley, editor. The Russian Revolution and the Soviet State, 1917-1921. Documents. 

Londres: Macmillan Press, 1975.

2da edición, 1980.

xxxiii, 317 páginas.



1 – The Revolution of February 1917

Background Statistics

The Critical Food Situation

Unofficial Meeting of the Members of the State Duma, 27 February 1917

Telegram of 27 February 1917 from Rodzyanko, President of the State Duma, to the Tsar

Telegram of 28 February 1917 from General Alekseev, Chief of Staff of the Supreme Commander to all the Commanders in Chief

Nicholas II Abdicates

Grand Duke Mikhail Refuses the Throne

Attitude of the Executive Committee of the Petrograd Soviet on the Question of Participation in the Provisional Government

The First Provisional Government

2 – Russia Between Two Revolutions: Political Aspects of the Period February to October 1917

Order No. 1

Soviet Appeal to All the Peoples of the World

Resolution of Support for the Provisional Government by the All-Russian Conference of Soviets First Coalition Government of 5 May 1917

The Situation in the Towns, March-May 1917

Soviet Prohibits Demonstrations

The June Offensive

The July Days

The Second Coalition Government of 24 July 1917

David Soskice’s Reminiscences

The Kornilov Revolt

Formation of the Council of Five, 1 September 1917

Proclamation of a Republic

The Third Coalition Government of 25 September 1917

Foreign Affairs

The Nationalities


Who Instigated the February Revolution?

3 – Russia Between Two Revolutions: Economic and Social Aspects of the Period February to October 1917

Working Conditions in Petrograd: The Eight Hour Day, etc.

The Land Question

The Economic Situation

‘The Fuel Shortage

Agrarian Disorders in European Russia, March-September 1917


General Baluev on the Food Supply Situation

Anti-Semitism in Bessarabia

4 – The October Revolution

Lenin Calls for an Uprising, 12-14 September 1917

Kamenev and Zinoviey Oppose Uprising, 11 October 1917

Trotsky’s Speech at a Session of the Petrograd Soviet on the Question of the Military Revolutionary Committee, 16 October 1917

Trotsky’s Statement to the Petrograd Soviet

The Military Revolutionary Committee of the Petrograd Soviet Appeals to the People of Petrograd

Stankevich on the Events of 24 October 1917

The Petrograd Soviet Welcomes the Revolution

The Revolution in the Baltic Fleet

Trotsky After the Event

The Red Guards

3 – War, Civil War and Intervention

Chronology of the Civil War

German Subventions for the Bolsheviks

Formation of the Red Army

Soviet Troops take Kiev

The Search for Peace

Compulsory Military Training

Fighting at Sviyazhsk

Fighting at Kazan

Trotsky Insists on Stalin’s Recall

Ex-Tsarist Officers May Serve in Red Army

Stalin Reports Victories at Tsaritsyn

Order to Red Troops on Southern Front

Lack of Discipline in Perm

The Shooting of Commissar Panteleev

Report on Medical Services

Supply Difficulties

The Situation in Petrograd

Mobilise the Workers!

Trotsky’s Resignation Refused

Red Victories in the Urals

Trotsky on Military Discipline

Stalin Complains about Overwork and Lenin Rebukes Him

The Situation in the Ukraine

The War against Poland

Lenin on the Navy


Denikin’s Proclamation

6 – Politics in a Socialist State

A People’s Court

Decree on the Judicature

Establishment of the Cheka

Revolutionary Tribunals

On the Rights and Duties of Soviets

The Dissolution of the Constituent Assembly

The Red Terror

Murder of the Tsar

Decree on the Press

Declaration of the Rights of the Peoples of Russia

Patriarch Tikhon Anathematises the Bolsheviks

Negotiations with the Germans

Lenin: Miscellaneous

The Party

The Comintern

7 – The Economic and Social Revolution

Establishment of the Supreme Council of the National Economy

Nationalisation of the Banks

Workers’ Control

Annulment of State Loans

Trade Unionists Criticise the Government

Martial Law in Ural Coal Mines

Use of the Army for Economic Purposes

Consumers’ Co-operatives

Trade Concessions

The Land

Grain Requisition

Local Difficulties

Lenin and Vladimirov on the Food Situation

Bread Prices in Petrograd

Tomsky on Labour Shortage

Stalin on NEP

The New Calendar

The Economy in 1913 and in 1921

8 – Culture


El Lissitzky

Lenin on Proletarian Culture

The Proletcult Theatre

Lenin on Youth

9 – The Eye Witness

Conditions in Petrograd

Everyday Life in Petrograd

The Constituent Assembly

Lenin: A Pen Portrait

10 – The Verdict

Rosa Luxemburg

Leon Trotsky


Appendix I

Appendix II

Recommended Reading