Max Shachtman (1904-1972)

Libros y folletos

Lenin, Liebknecht, Luxemburg. Chicago, 1925, 32 págs.

1871: The Paris Commune. Chicago, 1927?, 36 págs.

Sacco and Vanzetti: Labor’s Martyrs. Nueva York, 1927, 84 págs.

Ten Years: The History and Principles of the Left Opposition. New York, 1933, 80 págs.

The People’s Front: the New Panacea of Stalinism. Sidney, 1936, 15 págs.

Behind the Moscow Trial. New York, 1936, 144 págs.

For a Cost-Plus Wage. New York, 1943, 25 págs.

Socialism: the Hope of Humanity. New York, 25 págs.

Two Views of the Cuban Invasion (con Hal Draper). Oakland, 1961, 20 págs.

The Bureaucratic Revolution: The Rise Of The Stalinist State. New York, 1962, 365 págs.

The Fight for Socialism: The Principles and Program of the Workers Party. New York, 1946, 184 págs.

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