Mike Taber, ed. Under the Socialist Banner. Resolutions of the Second International, 1889-1912.

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Mike Taber, editor. Under the Socialist Banner. Resolutions of the Second International, 1889-1912.  

Chicago: Haymarket Books, 2021.

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1 – Paris Congrèss, July 14–20, 1889

Unity of the Socialist Movement and International Congrèsses

International Labor Legislation

Ways and Means for Winning Demands

International Demonstration on May 1, 1890

Abolition of Standing Armies / General Arming of the Population

Political and Economic Action

2 – Brüssels Congrèss, August 16–22, 1891

Conditions of Admission to the Congrèss

Labor Legislation

Working-Class Organization and Action


International First of May Demonstrations

Women’s Equality

The Jewish Question


Motion on Maritime Workers

3 – Zurich Congrèss, August 6–12, 1893

Conditions of Admission to the Congrèss

The Eight-Hour Day

Political Action

The Agrarian Question

National and International Organization of Trade Unions

Common Action with Regard to First of May Demonstration

Protective Legislation for Working Women

Social Democracy in the Event of War

International Organization of Social Democracy

The General Strike

Universal Suffrage

Solidarity with British Miners

Motion on French and Siamese Crisis

4 – London Congrèss, July 27-August 1, 1896

The Agrarian Question

Political Action

Education and Physical Development

International Organization

War and Militarism

The Economic and Industrial Question

Miscellaneous Resolutions

The Next Congrèss

Solidarity with Socialist Mayor of Lille

Protest against Antilabor Ruling

The Fight against Russian Tsarism

Greetings to Bulgarian Social Democrats

Violence against Immigrant Workers

Remembrance of First International

Solidarity with Cuba, Crete, and Macedonia

5 – Paris Congrèss, September 23–27, 1900

International Organization

Workday Limits and Minimum Wage

Emancipation of Labor and Expropriation of the Bourgeoisie

The Fight against Militarism and War

Colonial Policy

Organization of Maritime Workers

Universal Suffrage and Popular Sovereignty

Municipal Socialism

Socialists in Public Office and Alliances with Bourgeois Parties (Kautsky Resolution)

The First of May


The General Strike

6 – Amsterdam Congrèss, August 14–20, 1904

On Tactics (Dresden-Amsterdam Resolution)

Party Unity

The General Strike

The First of May

Workers’ Insurance


Colonial Policy

On British India

Support for Miners of Colorado

Solidarity with Italian Prisoners

Universal Women’s Suffrage

On Hungary

The Russo-Japanese War

Anti-Semitic Persecution in Russia

Support for Russian Proletariat

7 – Stuttgart Congrèss, August 18–24, 1907

Rules for International Congrèsses and the International Socialist Bureau

Statutes of the Interparliamentary Commission

Militarism and International Conflicts

The Relations between Trade Unions and Socialist Parties

The Colonial Question

Immigration and Emigration of Workers

Women’s Suffrage

On Romania

Greetings to Revolutionaries of Russia

On Morocco

The Trial of the American Miners

8 – Copenhagen Congrèss, August 28-September 3, 1910

The Unemployment Question

The Death Penalty

Party Unity

War and Militarism

On the Hardie-Vaillant Amendment

Carrying Out International Resolutions

Trade Union Unity

International Solidarity

Labor Legislation

The Right of Asylum

On Cooperatives and Cooperation

On Japan

On Argentina

The Situation in Turkey

On Spain

On Persia

On Finland

On Morocco

9 – Basel Congrèss, November 24–25, 1912

The Basel Manifesto on War and Militarism

Afterword: 1914—The Collapse of the Second International


Dutch Resolution on General Strike against War (1891)

French General Strike Resolution (1896)

Guesde-Ferri Resolution (1900)

Adler-Vandervelde Resolution (1904)

Immigration Commission Resolutions (1904)

Resolution Dutch Colonial Resolution (1904)

Colonial Commission Majority Resolution (1907)

American SP Resolution on Immigration (1907)

Luxemburg-Lenin-Martov Amendments to Militarism Resolution (1907)

Lenin’s Resolution on Cooperatives (1910)

Sources for Resolutions