Nicholas Papayanis. Alphonse Merrheim.

Biblioteca / 1980-1989

Nicholas Papayanis. Alphonse Merrheim. The Emergence of Reformism in Revolutionary Syndicalism, 1871-1925.

Dordrecht: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 1985.

International Institute of Social History Amsterdam.



Part I

The Formative Years, 1871-1906

1 – Early Trade Unionism. From the Federation of Copperworkers to the Federation of Metalworkers, 1893-1904

2 – French Workers and Foreign Workers. The Strikes in the Lorraine, 1905

3 – The Struggle for the Eight-Hour Work Day. The Strike of Hennebont, 1906

Part II

The Crisis of Revolutionary Syndicalism, 1906-1914

4 – The Crisis in the CGT

5 – The Crisis in the Federation of Metalworkers

6 – Merrheim’s Intellectual Formation. The Justification for Reformism

7 – Merrheim, the CGT and Antimilitarism

Part III

The War and its Aftermath

8 – The Limits of Antimilitarism

9 – Merrheim, Jouhaux, and Collaboration

Part IV

The Postwar Crisis, 1918-1923

10 – Merrheim and the New Syndicalism

11 – The June Metalworkers’ Strike, 1919

12 – Merrheim’s Final Crisis

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