Nikolai Bukharin. Economics of the Transformation Period.

Biblioteca / 1920-1929   1970-1979

Nikolai Bukharin. Economics of the Tranformation Period. With Lenin’s Critical Remarks.

Nueva York: Bergman Publishers, 1971.

Primera edición rusa, Ekonomika perekhodnogo perioda. Moscú, 1920. 



Chapter I

Structure of World Capitalism

Chapter II

Economics, State Power, and War

Chapter III

Collapse of the Capitalistic System

Chapter IV

General Preconditions of the Building of Communism

Chapter V

City and Country in the Process of Social Transformation

Chapter VI

Productive Powers, Expenses of the Revolution, and Technological Revolution

Chapter VII

General Forms of Organization in the Transformation Period

Chapter VIII

System of the Administration of Production under the Dictatorship of the Proletariat

Chapter IX

Economic Categories of Capitalism in the Transition Period

Chapter X

The “Extra-Economic” Compulsion in the Transition Period

Chapter XI

The Process of World Revolution and the World System of Communism


Afterword to the German Edition

Lenin’s Remarks

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