Norman Ware. The Industrial Worker, 1840-1860.

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Norman Ware. The Industrial Worker, 1840-1860. The Reaction of American Industrial Society to the Advance of the Industrial Revolution.

Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1924.

Chicago: Quadrangle, 1964.

xxi, 259 páginas.



I – The State of the Nation

II – The Immigrant and the Homes of the Poor

III – “The Spirit of the Age”

IV – The Degradation of the Worker

V – The New Power: The Factory Controversy

VI – The New Power: The Dangers of Peternalism

VII – The Degradation of the Operative

VIII – The Ten-Hour Movement: Industrial, 1840-50

IX – The Change of Personnel

X – The Ten-Hour Movement: Political, 1850-60

XI – The Reformers: Associationists

XII – Land Reform

XIII – Cooperation

XIV – The Labor Movement: Defensive, 1840-50

XV – The Labor Movement: Aggressive, 1850-60

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