Oleksa Drachewych – Ian McKay, eds. Left Transnationalism. The Communist International and the National, Colonial, and Racial Questions.

Biblioteca / 2010-2019

Oleksa Drachewych – Ian McKay, editors. Left Transnationalism. The Communist International and the National, Colonial, and Racial Questions. 

Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2019.

vii, 436 páginas.


Introduction: Left Transnationalism? The Communist International, the National, Colonial, and Racial Questions, and the Strengths and Limitations of the “Moscow Rules” Paradigm / Oleksa Drachewych and Ian McKay

Part One


1 – “Revolutionary Social Democracy” and the Third International / Lars T. Lih

2 – The Russian Revolution, National Self-Determination, and Anti-Imperialism, 1917–1927 / S.A. Smith

3 – Origins of the Anti-Imperialist United Front: The Comintern and Asia, 1919–1925 / John Riddell

4 – Transnationality in the Soviet Challenge to British India, 1917–1923 / Alastair Kocho-Williams

Part Two

Transnational Personal Relationships

5 – Los poputchiki: Communist Fellow Travellers, Comintern Radical Networks, and the Forging of a Culture of Modernity in Latin America and the Caribbean / Sandra Pujals

6 – The Transnational Experience of Some Canadian Communists / Andrée Lévesque

7 – Between the Comintern, the Japanese Communist Party, and the Chinese Communist Party: Nosaka Sanzo’s Betrayal Games / Xiaofei Tu

Part Three

Race and Colonialism

8 – Anti-Colonialism and the Imperial Dynamic in the Anglophone Communist Movements in South Africa, Australia, and Britain / Evan Smith

9 – Race, the Comintern, and Communist Parties in British Dominions, 1920–1943 / Oleksa Drachewych

10 – The Comintern and the Question of Race in the South American Andes / Marc Becker

11 – Various Forms of Chineseness in the Origins of Southeast Asian Communism / Kankan Xie

Part Four

National Questions

12 – “Young” and “Adult” Canadian Communists: The Question of Nationhood and Ethnicity in the 1920s / Daria Dyakonova

13 – “It Is Better to Retreat Now Than Be Crushed Altogether”: Questions of Ethnicity and the Communist Party of Canada at the Lakehead / Michel S. Beaulieu

14 – Henri Gagnon, Tim Buck, Stanley Ryerson, and the Contested Legacy of the Comintern on the National Question: The Crisis of French-Canadian Communism in the 1940s / Ian McKay

15 – Nationalism and Internationalism in Chinese Communist Networks in the Americas / Anna Belogurova

Conclusion: Future Avenues for the Study of the Comintern and the National, Colonial, and Racial Questions / Oleksa Drachewych