Olga Hess Gankin, Harold Fisher. The Bolsheviks and the World War: the origin of the Third International.

Biblioteca / 1940-1949

Olga Hess Gankin, Harold Fisher. The Bolsheviks and the World War: The Origin of the Third International.  

Primera edición, Stanford, California, Stanford University Press, 1940. 875 páginas.


Chapter I

The Bolsheviks, the Mensheviks, and the Second International


A. The International Socialist Bureau and the Menshevik-Bolshevik Controversy

B. The International Socialist Congress at Stuttgart, 1907

C. The Bolsheviks and the International Socialist Bureau, 1907-1910

D. The International Socialist Congress at Copenhagen, 1910

E. The Extraordinary International Socialist Congress at Basel, 1912

F. The Last Attempt at Unification of the R.S.D.L. Party, 1913-1914

Chapter II

The Activities of the Bolsheviks Abroad, 1914-1916


A. Bolshevik Activities Abroad, 1914

B. The Attempt to Call a Conference of Russian Internationalists

C. The Berne Conference of the Bolshevik Sections of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party Abroad

D. The Activities of the Bolsheviks Abroad in 1915

E. Dissensions among the Bolsheviks Abroad, 1915-1916

Chapter III

International Socialist Conferences, September 1914—April 1915


A. The Lugano and Copenhagen Conferences

B. The London and Vienna Conferences

C. International Conference of Socialist Women and the International Youth Conference at Berne

Chapter IV



A. Preliminaries of the Conference

B. The Zimmerwald Conference

C. The Lefts at Zimmerwald

D. Activity of the International Socialist Committee between Zimmerwald and Kienthal

Chapter V



A. The International Socialist Committee Conference at Berne, February, 5-8, 1916

B. The Kienthal Conference

C. The Activities of the International Socialist Committee, May 1916—March 1917

Chapter VI

Tactics and Dissensions of the Zimmerwald Left


A. The Tasks of the Zimmerwald Left

B. Dissensions in the Zimmerwald Left

C. The Zimmerwald Left and the Swiss Labor Movement

D. Activities of the Zimmerwald Left in Scandinavia, France, and the United States

Chapter VII

Stockholm: The Third Zimmerwald Conference


A. The Stockholm Conference and the Affair of Robert Grimm

B. The Zimmerwald Movement under New Leadership

C. The Zimmerwald Groups and the Stockholm Conference

D. The Third Zimmerwald Conference

E. The International Socialist Committee after the Third Zimmerwald Conference



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