Paolo Favilli. The History of Italian Marxism.

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Paolo Favilli. The History of Italian Marxism. From its Origins to the Great War.  

Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2016.

xxvii, 452 páginas.

Traducción: David Broder.

Edición original: Storia del marxismo italiano: dalle origini alla grande guerra. Milán: Franco Angeli, 1996.


Preface to the English Edition

1The 1860s and 1870s: Marxism Rejected, and the Humus of Marxism

1 – The Democratic Antithesis

2 – The Anarchist Antithesis

2The Marxism of the 1880s: The Characteristics of a Transition

1 – Socialist Culture: Sociology

2 – Socialist Culture: Political Economy

3 – Cultural Mediation in the World of Organised Workers

3The Marxism of the 1890s: Foundation—and Orthodoxy?

1 – The ‘Partito Marxista’

2 – Between Ideology, Science, Utopia and religio

3 – ‘The Anatomy of Civil Society’

4 – The End-of-Century Marxist Corpus

4Historical Materialism

1 – What Philosophy? What Philosophy of History?

2 – Materialism and ‘Philosophy for Socialism’

5Marxismand Reformism

1 – What were the Theoretical Roots of Reformism? The Tangled Web of ‘Catastrophism’

2 – Turati, the ‘Marxist’ and ‘Reformist

3 – The Economic Theory of the Workers’ Movement

4 – The Articulations of Non-Marxist Reformism, the Returns of History, and Again on Reformist Marxism

6Marxism and Revolutionary Syndicalism

1 – Did Syndicalism Have Roots in Turn-of-the-Century ‘Revisionism’?

2 – Early Definitions of a ‘Left’-Marxism

3 – Enrico Leone’ and Arturo Labriola’s Marx in the ‘High’ Period of Syndicalist Theory

4 – Marxism and Elitism in the Universe of ‘Minor’ Syndicalist Intellectuals

5 – De hominis dignitate. A Workers’ Syndicalist Marxism? La Scintilla in Ferrara and Il Martello in Piombino