Peter Stearns, editor. Encyclopedia of European Social History.

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Peter Stearns, editor. Encyclopedia of European Social History. From 1350 to 2000.

Nueva York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 2001.

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Section 1

Methods and Theoretical Approaches

Generations of Social History / Geoff Eley

The Sources of Social History / Mary Lindemann

The Annales Paradigm / Peter Burke

Marxism and Radical History / Bryan D. Palmer

Interdisciplinary Contacts and Influences / Louise A. Tilly

Cliometrics and Quantification / Michael P. Hanagan

Cultural History and New Cultural History / C. E. Forth

Gender Theory / Bonnie G. Smith

Microhistory / Karl Appuhn

Comparative European Social History / Hartmut Kaelble

Section 2

The Periods of Social History

Periodization in Social History / Peter N. Stearns

The Medieval Heritage / Constance B. Bouchard

The Renaissance / John Martin

The Protestant Reformation and the Catholic Reformation / Ronnie Po-Chia Hsia

The Early Modern Period / Jonathan Dewald

The Enlightenment / Brian Dolan

The French Revolution and the Empire / Isser Woloch

The Nineteenth Century / Timothy B. Smith

The World Wars and the Depression / Jay Winter

Since World War II / Donna Harsch

Section 3

Regions, Nations, and Peoples

Principles of Regionalism / John Agnew

Britain / Brian Lewis

Ireland / David W. Miller

France / Jeremy D. Popkin

The Low Countries / Wim Blockmans

The Iberian Peninsula / Montserrat Miller

Italy / Lucy Riall

Central Europe / Mary Jo Maynes and Eric D. Weitz

The Nordic Countries / Panu Pulma

The Baltic Nations / Alfred Erich Senn

East Central Europe / Steven Béla Várdy and Emil Neiderhauser

Russia and the East Slavs / Rex Wade

The Balkans / Maria Bucur

The Jews and Anti-Semitism / Michael C. Hickey

Roma: The Gypsies / David M. Crowe

Section 4

Europe and the World

The World Economy and Colonial Expansion / Gayle Brunelle

Explorers, Missionaries, Traders / Stephen Maughan

Emigration and Colonies / Kenneth Orosz

Imperialism and Domestic Society / Laura Tabili

Imperialism and Gender / Nupur Chaudhuri

America, Americanization, and Anti-Americanism / Rob Kroes

Immigrants / Panikos Panayi

Racism / Gisela Kaplan



Section 5

Processes of Social Change

Modernization / Peter N. Stearns

Technology / Kristine Bruland

Capitalism and Commercialization / Robert S. Duplessis

Protoindustrialization / Gay L. Gullickson

The Industrial Revolutions / Patrick K. O’Brien

War and Conquest / Jeremy Black

Science and the Scientific Revolution / John Henry

Secularization / Hartmut Lehmann

Communications, the Media, and Propaganda / Tom Wolfe

Section 6

Population and Geography

The Environment / Richard H. Grove

Migration / Leslie Page Moch

The Population of Europe: Early Modern Demographic Patterns / David Levine

The Population of Europe: The Demographic Transition and After / Michael R. Haines

The European Marriage Pattern / David Levine

Birth, Contraception, and Abortion / John M. Riddle

The Life Cycle / Sherri Klassen

Health and Disease / Kenneth Kiple

Death / David G. Troyansky

Section 7

Cities and Urbanization

Urbanization / Alexander Cowan

The City: The Early Modern Period / Christopher R. Friedrichs

The City: The Modern Period / Josef Konvitz

The Urban Infrastructure / Nicholas Papayanis and Rosemary Wakeman

Shops and Stores / Montserrat Miller

Urban Institutions and Politics: The Early Modern Period / Christopher R. Friedrichs

Urban Institutions and Politics: The Modern Period / Theresa M. McBride

Street Life and City Space / W. Scott Haine

Suburbs and New Towns / Alexander Cowan

Section 8

Rural Life

Agriculture / James R. Lehning

Land Tenure / Liana Vardi

Serfdom: Western Europe / Liana Vardi

Serfdom: Eastern Europe / Boris Gorshkov

Peasant and Farming Villages / Palle Ove Christiansen

Collectivization / Lynne Viola

Estates and Country Houses / Priscilla R. Roosevelt

Fairs and Markets / Montserrat Miller

Section 9

State and Society

Absolutism / David Parker

The Liberal State / Adrian Shubert

Democracy / Charles Tilly

The Welfare State / Steven Beaudoin

Civil Society / Guido Hausmann

Nationalism / Caroline Ford

Fascism and Nazism / Alexander J. De Grand

Communism / Eric D. Weitz

Bureaucracy / Don K. Rowney

Military Service / Michael Neiberg



Section 10

Social Structure Social

Class / Charles Tilly

Social Mobility / Hartmut Kaelble

The Aristocracy and Gentry / Jonathan Dewald

The Middle Classes / Margaret Hunt

Professionals and Professionalization / James C. Albisetti

Students / Keith Vernon

Artists / Alexander Varias

The Military / Michael Neiberg

Artisans / Peter N. Stearns

The Petty Bourgeoisie / Daniel T. Orlovsky

Working Classes / Dick Geary

Servants / Bridget Hill

Peasants and Rural Laborers / Cathy A. Frierson

Slaves / Richard Hellie

Marginal People / Timothy B. Smith

Section 11

Social Protest

Collective Action / Charles Tilly

Moral Economy and Luddism / John G. Rule

Urban Crowds / Michael P. Hanagan

Revolutions / Michael D. Richards

Labor History: Strikes and Unions / Michael P. Hanagan

Socialism / Eric D. Weitz

Gender and Popular Protest / Anna K. Clark

New Social Movements / Gisela Kaplan

Student Movements / Brendan Dooley

Modern Protest Politics / Marco Giugni

Section 12

Deviance, Crime, and Social Control

Crime / Pieter Spierenburg

Prostitution / Kathryn Norberg

Witchcraft / J. A. Sharpe

Banditry / Paul Sant Cassia

Juvenile Delinquency and Hooliganism / Kathleen Alaimo

Police / Haia Shpayer-Makov

Punishment / Abby M. Schrader

Madness and Asylums / Peter Bartlett

Section 13

Social Problems and Social Reform

Charity and Poor Relief: The Early Modern Period / Brian Pullan

Charity and Poor Relief: The Modern Period / Timothy B. Smith

Social Welfare and Insurance / Young-Sun Hong

Alcohol and Temperance / George Snow

Orphans and Foundlings / David L. Ransel

Developmental and Physical Disabilities: The “Blind,” “Deaf and Dumb,” and “Idiot” / David Wright

Public Health / Dorothy Porter



Section 14


The Development of Gender History / Bonnie G. Smith

Patriarchy / Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks

Women and Femininity / Bonnie G. Smith

Men and Masculinity / Peter N. Stearns

Feminisms / Laura E. Nym Mayhall

Gender and Work / Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks

Gender and Education / Linda L. Clark

Section 15

The Family and Age Groups

History of the Family / David Levine

Kinship / Andrejs Plakans

The Household / Richard Wall

Inheritance / Julie Hardwick

The Family and the State / Roderick G. Phillips

Courtship, Marriage, and Divorce / Joanne M. Ferraro

Motherhood / Ellen Ross

Child Rearing and Childhood / Colin Heywood

Youth and Adolescence / Andrew Donson

Widows and Widowers / Sherri Klassen

The Elderly / David G. Troyansky

Generations and Generational Conflict / Elizabeth Townsend

Section 16


Sexual Behavior and Sexual Morality / Lisa Z. Sigel

Illegitimacy and Concubinage / Anne-Marie Sohn

Puberty / Alexandra M. Lord

Masturbation / Lesley A. Hall

Pornography / Lisa Z. Sigel

Sex, Law, and the State / Roderick G. Phillips

Homosexuality and Lesbianism / Randolph Trumbach

Section 17

Body and Mind

The Body and Its Representations / Lisa Z. Sigel

Cleanliness / Virginia Smith

The Senses / Constance Classen

Gestures / Herman Roodenburg

Manners / Cas Wouters

The Emotions / Rineke van Daalen

Anthropometry / John Komlos and Robert Whaples

Medical Practitioners and Medicine / Matthew Ramsey

Childbirth, Midwives, Wetnursing / Amanda Carson Banks

Psychiatry and Psychology / Roger Smith

Section 18


Work and the Work Ethic / Peter Shapely

Preindustrial Manufacturing / Steven A. Epstein

Factory Work / Barbara Bari

Middle-Class Work / Peter N. Stearns

Work Time / Gary S. Cross

Child Labor / Colin Heywood



Section 19

Culture and Popular Culture

Popular Culture / Peter Burke

High Culture / Arthur Mitzman

Magic / Stuart Clark

Festivals / Mack P. Holt

The Reformation of Popular Culture / Ann W. Ramsey

Language / Peter Burke

Consumerism / Gary S. Cross

Drinking and Drugs / Thomas E. Brennan

Honor and Shame / Robert A. Nye

Memory and the Invention of Traditions / Tamara L. Hunt and Scott Hughes Myerly

Humor / Benjamin Roberts

Music and Dance / William Weber

Section 20

Modern Recreation and Leisure

Policing Leisure / John K. Walton

Sports / Allen Guttmann

Holidays and Public Rituals / Scott Hughes Myerly and Tamara L. Hunt

Consumer Leisure / Charles Rearick

Vacations / John K. Walton

Travel and Tourism / Stephen L. Harp

Section 21


Belief and Popular Religion / Keith P. Luria

Church and Society / Andrew Barnes

Judaism / Jay R. Berkovitz

Catholicism / Keith P. Luria

Protestantism / Andrew Pettegree

Eastern Orthodoxy / Gregory L. Freeze

Section 22

Education and Literacy

Schools and Schooling / Paul F. Grendler

Higher Education / Charles R. Day

Teachers / Scott J. Seregny

Printing and Publishing / Thomas Cragin

Literacy / R. A. Houston

Reading / Daniel P. Resnick and Jason Martinek

Journalism / Thomas Cragin

Section 23

Everyday Life

Material Culture / Whitney A. Walton

Standards of Living / Norman Pounds

Housing / Craig Keating

Domestic Interiors / Rineke van Daalen

Clothing and Fashion / Beverly Lemire

Food and Diet / Kolleen M. Guy

Animals and Pets / Kathleen J. Kete

Toys and Games / Gary S. Cross




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