R. Gillespie, ed. Cuba After Thirty Years.

Biblioteca / 1990-1999

Richard Gillespie, editor. Cuba After Thirty Years. Rectification and the Revolution.

Londres: Frank Cass, 1990.

190 páginas.


Cuba, Thirty Years On / Richard Gillespie

The Cuban Revolution: A Wider View / Alistair Hennessy

Comparing Two Social Revolutions: The Dynamics of Change in Cuba and Nicaragua / Max Azicri

Cuba, Latin America, and the Communist Experience: A Comparative Note / Ronald J. Hill

The Cuban Armed Forces, the Party and Society in Wartime and during Rectification (1986-88) / Jorge Domínguez

Gorbachev and the Restructuring of Soviet—Cuban Relations / Peter Shearman

Cuba’s External Economic Constraints in the 1980s: An Assessment of the Potential Role of the United States / Alfonso Casanova Montero – Pedro Monreal González

Cuba’s Economic Counter-Reform (Rectificación): Causes, Policies and Effects / Carmelo Mesa-Lago

Cuban Cinema: A Reel Revolution? / John King

Martí, Marxism and Morality: The Evolution of an Ideology of Revolution / Antoni Kapcia