R. Johnson, G. McLennan, B. Schwarz, D. Sutton, eds. Making Histories.

Biblioteca / 1990-1999


R. Johnson, G. McLennan, B. Schwarz, D. Sutton, eds. Making Histories: studies in history-writing and politics.

Londres: Hutchinson / Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies, 1982.



Part One

Historians and ‘the people’

1 – Radical liberalism, Fabianism and social history / David Sutton

2 – ‘The people’ in history: the Communist Party Historians’ Group, 1946-1956 / Bill Schwarz

3 – E.P. Thompson and the discipline of historical context / Gregor McLennan

Part Two

Marxist theory and historical analysis

4 – Philosophy and theory: some issues in recent marxist theory / Gregor McLennan

5 – Reading for the best Marx: history-writing and historical abstraction / Richard Johnson

Part Three


6 – Popular memory: theory, politics, method / Popular Memory Group

7 – ‘Charms of residence’: the public and the past / Michael Bommes and Patrick Wright

8 – ‘The public face of feminism’: early twentieth-century writings on women’s suffrage / Tricia Davis, Martin Durham, Catherine Hall, Mary Langan and David Sutton

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