Resolutions and Decisions of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Volume 3.

Biblioteca / 1970-1979

Robert McNeal, editor. The Stalin Years, 1929-1953.

University of Toronto Press, 1974.

290 páginas.


Editor’s Preface



Plenum of the Central Committee (November)

On the Control Figures for the Economy in 1929-30

On the Results and Coming Tasks of Kolkhoz Construction

On the Bukharin Group


On the Rate of Collectivization and State Assistance to Kolkhoz Construction

On Further Work on the Regulation of Party Growth

On the Development of Political and Educational Work with the Newly Admitted Candidate Masses

On the Struggle against Distortions of the Party Line in the Kolkhoz Movement

XVI Party Congress (June-July)

On the Central Committee Report

On the Report of the Central Control Commission and Rabknn

On the Fulfilment of the Five-Year Plan for Industry

On the Tasks of Trade Unions in the Reconstruction Period

Regulation of Cells of the VKP(b) in Kolkhozes

On Party Work with the Masses in Districts in which MTSS are Active


On the Construction of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant

On Party Mass Work in Shops and Brigades

On Primary and Secondary Schools


On the Reconstruction of Literary-Artistic Organizations


Joint Plenum of the Central Committee and Central Control Commission (January)

The Aims and Tasks of Politotdels in MTSS and Sovkhozes

On the Party Purge


XVII Party Congress (January-February)

On the Second Five-Year Plan for the Development of the National Economy of the USSR (1933-37)

Organizational Questions

Rules of the VKP(b)

Plenum of the Central Committee (November)

On Politotdels in Agriculture


Plenum of the Central Committee (December)

Questions of Industry and Transport in Connection with the Stakhanovite Movement

Results of the Review of Party Documents


On the Terrorist Activities of the Trotskyite-Zinovievite Counter-Revolutionary Bloc


Plenum of the Central Committee (February-March)

On Deficiencies in Party Work and Measures for Liquidating Trotskyite and Other Double Dealers

The Preparation of Party Organizations for Elections to the USSR Supreme Soviet under the New Electoral System and the Corresponding Reorganization of Party Political Work


Plenum of the Central Committee (January)

On Errors of Party Organizations in Expelling Communists from the Party, on Formal Bureaucratic Attitudes toward the Appeals of Those Expelled from the VKP(b), and on Measures to Eliminate These Short-comings

On the Organization of Party Propaganda in Connection with the Publication of the History of the VKP(b). Short Course


XVIII Party Congress (March)

The Third Five-Year Plan for the Development of the National Economy of the USSR (1938-42)

Changes in the Rules of the VKP(b)

Rules of the VKP(b)


On the Organization of Fighting in the Rear of German Troops

On the Selection of Members of the VKP(b) for the Leadership of Political Work in the Worker-Peasant Red Army


On Deficiencies in Political Work among the Populace of the Western Oblasts of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic


On Agitation and Propaganda Work of Party Organizations in Connection with the Adoption of the Law on the Five-Year Plan for the Restoration and Development of the National Economy of the USSR in the Period 1946-50

On the Training and Retraining of Leading Party and Soviet Workers

On the Journals Zvezda and Leningrad


Plenum of the Central Committee (February)

On Measures for Improving Agriculture in the Post-war Period


On V. Muradeli’s Opera ‘The Great Friendship’


On the Journal Bol’shevik


On the Enlargement of Small Kolkhozes and the Tasks of Party Organizations


XIX Party Congress (October)

Directives for the Fifth Five-Year Plan for the Development of the ussr in the Period 1951-55

Rules of the CPSU