Robert Alexander. Communism in Latin America.

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Robert Alexander. Communism in Latin America.

New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers University Press, 1957.

2da edición, 1960. 3ra edición, 1963. 490 páginas.


Preface to the 1960 Printing

Preface to the 1963 Printing

Part One

The Communist Movement in Latin America—Its Background, History, and Prospects

I – Conditions Favoring the Rise of Communism in Latin America

II – The General History of Communism in Latin America

III – Latin American Communists, the Comintern, and the Soviet Union

IV – Communists in the Latin American Labor Movement

V – Leaders of Latin American Communism

VI – The Latin American Communists as a Potential Military Danger to the United States

Part Two

The Communist Movement in Individual Latin American Countries

VII – Luiz Carlos Prestes and the Partido Comunista do Brasil

VIII – Communism in the Rio de la Plata Hinterland

IX – The Stalinists of the Pampas—Argentina

X – Communism in the Shoestring Republic—Chile

XI – Communism in the High Andes

XII – Communism in the Bolivarian Republics

XIII – Stalinism in the Pearl of the Antilles

XIV – Communism in the Caribbean

XV – Communism vs. the Mexican Revolution

XVI – Communism’s Bid for Power in Guatemala

XVII – Coffee, Bananas, and Communism in Central America

Part Three

The Communist Movement in Latin America and United States Policy

XVIII – The Right and the Wrong Way to Fight Communism in Latin America

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