Robert Alexander. The Right Opposition.

Biblioteca / 1980-1989

Robert Alexander. The Right Opposition: The Lovestoneites and the International Communist Opposition of the 1930’s.

Westport: Greenwood Press, 1981.




1 – The Origins of the United States Communist Opposition

2 – The Organization and Activities of the Lovestoneite Group

3 – The Lovestoneites in the Labor Movement

4 – Controversies and Splits in the Lovestoneites

5 – Lovestoneite Relations with the Communist Party

6 – The Lovestoneites’ Relations with Other Radical Groups

7 – Ideological Evolution and Demise of the Lovestoneites

8 – The Brandler-Thalheimer Group in Germany

9 – Jules Humbert-Droz and the Swiss Communist Opposition

10 – The Scandinavian Communist Opposition

11 – The Spanish Communist Opposition—From Bloque Obrero y Campesino to POUM

12 – The POUM and the Spanish Civil War

13 – M. N. Roy and the Indian Communist Opposition

14 – Other National Opposition Communist Groups

15 – The International Communist Opposition

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