Robert Asher – Charles Stephenson, ed. Labor Divided.

Biblioteca / 1990-1999

Robert Asher – Charles Stephenson, ed. Labor Divided. Race and Ethnicity in United States Labor Struggles, 1835-1960.

State University of New York Press, 1990.


I – Introduction

Chapter 1

American Capitalism, Labor Organization, and the Racial/Ethnic Factor: An Exploration / Robert Asher and Charles Stephenson

II – Non-white Workers in the United States

Chapter 2

Ethnicity and Class in Hawaii: The Plantation Labor Experience, 1835-1920 / Ronald Takari

Chapter 3

Chinese American Agricultural Workers and the Anti-Chinese Movement in Los Angeles, 1870-1890 / Raymound Lou

Chapter 4

Ethnic Life and Labor in Chicago’s Pre-World-War-II Filipino Community / Barbara M. Posadas

Chapter 5

Border Proletarians: Mexican-Americans and the International Union of Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers, 1939-1946 / Mario T. García

Chapter 6

Puerto Ricans in the Garment Industry of New York City, 1920-1960 / Altagracia Ortiz

Chapter 7

The Red Scare and Black Workers in Alabama: The International Union of Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers, 1945-53 / Horace Huntley

III – European-Origin Workers in the United States

Chapter 8

Immigration, Ethnicity and the American Working-Class Community: Fall River, 1850-1900 / John Cumbler

Chapter 9

Scottish-Americans and the Beginnings of the Modern Class Struggle: Immigrant Coal Miners in Northern Illinois, 1865-1889 / John Laslett

Chapter 10

The German Brewery Workers of New York City in the Late Nineteenth Century / Dorothee Schneider

Chapter 11

Catholic Corporatism, French Canadian Workers, and Industrial Unionism in Rhode Island, 1938-1956 / Gary Gerstle

Chapter 12

British and Irish Militants in the Detroit UAW 227 in the 1930s / Steve Babson

Chapter 13

Women’s Work, Family Economy and Labor Militancy: The Case of Chicago’s Packing-House Workers, 1900-1922 / James R. Barrett

Chapter 14

Anthony Capraro and the Lawrence Strike of 1919 / Rudolph Vecoli

Chapter 15

The Transformation of Working-Class Ethnicity: Corporate Control, Americanization, and the Polish Immigrant Middle Class in Bayonne, New Jersey, 1915-1925 / John Bukowczyk

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