Robert Davies. The Industrialisation of Soviet Russia, Vol. 1.

Robert Davies. The Industrialisation of Soviet Russia, Volume 1. The Socialist Offensive. The Collectivisation of Soviet Agriculture, 1929-1930.

Londres: Macmillan, 1980.

510 páginas.



1 – The Peasant Economy and the Soviet System, 1917-29

The Bolsheviks and the Peasantry, 1917-21

The Peasant Economy in the mid-1920s

The Bolsheviks and the Peasantry in the mid-1920s

The Grain Crisis of 1927-8

The Crisis of the Peasant Economy, 1928-9

The Regime and the Countryside

2 – The Grain Collections of 1929

The Grain Crisis of 1928/29

The Collection Plan for the 1929 Harvest

The Campaign

The Results of the Collections

3 – The Eve of Mass Collectivisation, June-September 1929

The Background

The First Phase of Mass Collectivisation

The Problem of the Kulak

4 – The New Stage of Collectivisation, October 1929-January 5, 1930

Towards the New Stage, October 1929

The November Plenum

The Drive for Comprehensive Collectivisation, November-December 1929

The Drive Against the Kulaks, November-December 1929

The Politburo Commission, December 1929

The Collectivisation Resolution of January 5, 1930

5 – The All-out Drive, January-February 1930

The Process of Collectivisation

‘Spontaneous Dekulakisation’, January 1930

The Legislation on the Kulaks

Policy Vacillations, January 30-February 10, 1930

Expropriation of the Kulaks, February 1930

The Situation in the Countryside, February 1930

The Shift in Policy, February 11-28, 1930

6 – Collectivisation in Retreat, March-June 1930

The Restoration of the Voluntary Principle

The Spring Sowing of 1930

7 – The Crisis in the Party, March-July 1930

The Diagnosis of Error, March-June 1930

The XVI Party Congress,June 26-July 13, 1930

8 – The Harvest of 1930

The Harvest

The Grain Collections

Other Collections

9 – The Resumption of Collectivisation

10 – The Mechanisation of Agriculture

11 – Conclusions