Robert Weinberg – Laurie Bernstein. Revolutionary Russia: A History in Documents.

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Robert Weinberg – Laurie Bernstein. Revolutionary Russia: A History in Documents. 

Oxford/Nueva York: Oxford University Press, 2011.

238 páginas.


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Note on Sources and Interpretation

1 – Prelude to Revolution

A Land of Contrasts

Revolutionary Politics

The Revolution of 1905

On the Eve of War and Revolution

2 – 1917: The Year of Revolution

The Radicalization of Society

The Bolshevik Rise to Power

Views of the Revolution

3 – The Consolidation of Bolshevik Rule, 1918-1921

The Fate of the Royal Family

Opposition and Criticism

The Embrace of Dictatorship

Peasant Resistance and the Crisis of Kronstadt

4 – The Road to Socialism

The Transformation of Culture and Society

Celebrating Revolution

The Debate about NEP

5 – Stalin’s Revolution from Above, 1928-1932

Beating Russia into the 20th Century

The War Against the Peasantry and Church

The World of Five-Year Plans

6 – Picture Essay: Women’s Liberation in the Soviet Union

7 – Soviet Society and Culture in the 1930s

The Cult of Stalin

The Stalinist Revolution

8 – The Great Terror

The Gulag

Three Views of the Purges

The Trial of Bukharin

Literature and the Purges


Assessments of Stalinism

Reflection on the Soviet Experience


Further Reading