Roger Magraw. France, 1800-1914: A Social History.

Biblioteca / 2000-2009

Roger Magraw. France, 1800-1914: A Social History.

Londres: Pearson Education, 2002.


General editor’s preface


Introduction: writing the social history of nineteenth-century France

1 – Social elites

Introduction: a ‘bourgeois century’?

The survival of aristocratic power?

The France of the bourgeoisie

2 – The making of the French working-class

Writing the social history of the French working-class

The making of the working class

Workers and the Second Republic (1848-51)

Bonapartism and French labour (1851-71)

Workers and the bourgeois Republic (1871-1914)

Conclusion: integrating the workers?

3 – The peasantry

Introduction: peasant France

The peasantry and the French Revolution

Apogee and crisis of a peasant society? (1815-48)

The politicisation of rural protest? (1846-51)

Bonapartist domination and rural prosperity? (1852-75c)

Peasants and the bourgeois Republic

4 – Religion and anti-clericalism


A Catholic revival? (1815-75c)

The clergy, popular piety and ‘folk religion’

The ‘feminisation’ of Catholicism?

The forces of opposition

A Catholic country?

5 – Education and the uses of literacy

Primary education

Secondary and higher education

6 – Crime and punishment


Measuring criminality

Moral panics–myths and perceptions of crime

Discipline and punish . . .

7 – The medicalisation of nineteenth-century France


The ‘heroic’ rise of the medical profession

Alternative narratives

8 – The birth of a consumer society?


France and the consumer revolution

Consumerism, hedonism and the bourgeois culture anxieties

An alternative ethos: consumer co-operation

9 – Gender

Writing the history of (French) women

An ambivalent legacy: women, Enlightenment, French Revolution

Domesticity and its discontents

Women, work and the family

‘La femme populaire rebelle’?

Women and the labour movement 1880-1914

French feminism(s)

A gender crisis? Male anxieties, misogyny and antifeminism in the fin-de-siècle

France, women, feminism

Postscript: from ‘discourse’ to representation and ‘social reality’?


Appendix I: Political regimes, 1789-1914

Appendix II: Chronology of events, 1789-1914

Appendix III: Glossary of terms

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