Samuel Bernstein. The First International in America.

Biblioteca / 1960-1969

Samuel Bernstein. The First International in America. 

New York: Augustus Kelley, 1962.

325 páginas.

Samuel Bernstein (1898-1987)



I. Background of the First International

II. The American Setting

III. First Footings in America

IV. Establishment in the United States

V. The Paris Commune in America

VI. American Doctrines in the International

VII. Feuds and Schisms

VIII. Two American Federations

IX. The Hague Congress

X. Breakdown of the International in Europe

XI. Decline of the North American Federation

XII. Labor in the Long Depression

XIII. Organization of the Unemployed

XIV. New Perspectives

XV. The Impregnable Order

XVI. Socialist Unity

Epilogue — The Legacy of the International in America