Seweryn Bialer – Sophia Sluzar, eds. Radicalism in the Contemporary Age.

Biblioteca / 1970-1979

Seweryn Bialer – Sophia Sluzar, eds. Radicalism in the Contemporary Age.

Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press, 1977.

3 volúmenes, 400+220+380 páginas.


Volume 1

Sources of Contemporary Radicalism


1 – On the Meanings, Sources, and Carriers of Radicalism in Contemporary Industrialized Societies: Introductory Remarks

2 – Why No Socialism in the United States?

Marx and Engels

Foreign and Domestic Socialists

Post-World War II Critiques

Concluding Remarks

3 – Ethnic Variations in Student Radicalism: Some New Perspectives

On Student Radicalism in America

A Theory of Jewish (and non-Jewish) Radicalism

Operationalizing and Testing the Theories

Some Initial Findings

The Clinical Evidence

Some Very Preliminary Conclusions

4 – From Cold War to Historic Compromise: Approaches to French and Italian Radicalism

The Birth of the Postwar System and the Origins of Protest

The Static Equilibrium of the Cold War Period

Political Change and the Search for New Models

5 – The Sources of Rural Radicalism

Peasant Radicalism or Peasant Militancy

Peasant Radicalism vs. the Culture of the Peasantry

Peasant Discontent, Peasant Unrest, and Its Containment

Tipping the Balance of Discontent: Structural Changes

Tipping the Balance of Discontent: Accelerating Factors

Structuring the Goals of Rural Discontent: Tenure and Labor Systems

The Forms of Unrest: From Individual Protest to Revolution?


6 – Sources of Radicalism and Revolution: A Survey of the Literature

Some Definitions

The Psychological Bases of Radicalism and Revolution

Economic/Psychological Theories

Sociological Theories of Radical Movements and Revolution

Organization Theories of Revolution and Radical Movements

Some Concluding Perspectives


Volume 2

Radical Visions of the Future

Preface / Zbigniew Brzezinski

1 – Introduction: Need of Utopia, Fear of Utopia / Leszek Kolakowski

2 – The Function of the Vision of the Future in Radical Movements / Robert Nisbet

3 – Marx’s Vision of Communism: A Reconstruction / Bertell Oilman

4 – Utopian and Dystopian Elements in the Maoist Vision of the Future / Maurice Meisner

5 – The Future as Present: Political and Theoretical Implications / Dick Howard

6 – Futurology and Its Radical Critique / Marcus Raskin


Volume 3

Strategies and Impact of Contemporary Radicalism

Preface / Zbigniew Brzezinski

1 – The Resurgence and Changing Nature of the Left in Industrialized Democracies / Seweryn Bialer

Radicalism and the Soviet Model

The Resurgence of Socialist Influence

Maladies of Liberal Democracy

New Revolutionary Theories and Strategies

Prospects for Deradicalization of Communist Movements

2 – The Success and Failure of Modern Revolutions / John Dunn

Success for Whom? Failure of What?

When Is State Power Likely To Founder?

The Changing International Context and the Restrictions on Inductive Generalization

Improving Our Understanding of Revolutions and What We Might Hope To Learn from Doing So

Guessing and Refusing To Guess the Future

3 – Retreat from Optimism: On Marxian Models of Revolution / Alexander Dallin

Marx and Engels on Revolution

Lenin and Revolution

The Stalin Era

After Stalin

Ex Oriente Lux!

Prospects and Prophecies

4 – The French and Italian Communist Parties: Postwar Strategy and Domestic Society / Peter Lange

General Strategic Perspective

Diversity in Strategic Implementation


5 – The New Lefts in Europe / Massimo Teodori

Notes for a History of the New Lefts

The Strategies of the New Left

Three New Lefts and the Political System

6 – Inclusionary and Exclusionary Military Responses to Radicalism: With Special Attention to Peru / Alfred Stepan


Systemic Crises and Inclusionary and Exclusionary Military Responses

The Nature of the Crisis in Peru Compared to Brazil, Argentina, and Chile

The Peruvian Military’s Institutional and Ideological Response to Growing Threats

The Achievements and Problems of the Peruvian Military «Radicals» in Power

7 – Beyond Revolution? Resistance and Vulnerability to Radicalism in Advanced Western Societies / Charles S. Maier

8 – Remarks on the Meanings of Stability in the Modern Era / Samuel P. Huntington

Social Science and Stability

Sources of Instability

Patterns of System Change

Conclusion: Stability as Change