Sheila Fitzpatrick. The Cultural Front.

Sheila Fitzpatrick. The Cultural Front. Power and Culture in Revolutionary Russia.

Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell University Press, 1992.

280 páginas.



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1 – Introduction: On Power and Culture

2 – The Bolsheviks’ Dilemma: The Class Issue in Party Politics and Culture

3 – Professors and Soviet Power

4 – Sex and Revolution

5 – The Soft Line on Culture and Its Enemies

6 – Cultural Revolution as Class War

7 – Stalin and the Making of a New Elite

8 – The Lady Macbeth Affair: Shostakovich and the Soviet Puritans

9 – Becoming Cultured: Socialist Realism and the Representation of Privilege and Taste

10 – Cultural Orthodoxies under Stalin