Shlomo Barer. The Doctors of Revolution.

Biblioteca / 2000-2009

Shlomo Barer. The Doctors of Revolution. 19th-Century Thinkers Who Changed the World.

Nueva York: Thames & Hudson, 2000.

1200 páginas.



1 – Babeuf, Buonarroti and the ‘Conspiracy of the Equals’  

2 – From the Imperial Purveyor of Coin and Capital to Heine and Karl Marx

3 – Heine’s Childhood

4 – Tsar Alexander, Young Harry Heine and Karl Marx’s Father

5 – The Leaders of Europe after the Congress of Vienna; Heine in Love; Saint-Simon and Other Utopians

6 – Heine’s Three Universities

7 – The Decembrist Revolution that Failed

8 – Fathers and Sons: Herzen and Bakunin in Their Youth

9 – Heine Adrift and Rebuffed in 1828

10 – The July Revolution: Saint-Simon, Fourier and Buonarroti

11 – Heine Begins His Life in Paris

12 – Karl Marx in High School and the ‘Conversion Conflict’

13 – The Romantic Russians in Exile and the Coup that Failed in Paris

14 – Karl Marx’s First Student Year in Bonn

15 – ‘The Hand of God’ on Bakunin

16 – Young Engels among the Pietists of the Wupper Valley

17 – Moses Hess and ‘The New Philosophy’

18 – Marx the Student in Berlin

19 – Marx and the Influence of Hegel

20 – Heine and His Tycoon Uncle Salomon

21 – On the Threshold of the ‘Extraordinary Decade’

22 – Heine’s Warning about Communism and the Struggle against the King of Prussia

23 – Georg Herwegh, ‘The Iron Lark of Revolution’; Heine on Ludwig Börne

24 – Founding the Rheinische Zeitung

25 – Cultural Divisions in Berlin and Paris

26 – Problems for Marx and the ‘Bourgeois King’ of France

27 – A Red October Scatters the Budding Doctors of Revolution

28 – Bakunin Falls in Love with ‘the People’ and Marx Gets Married

29 – Marx, Prometheus, and ‘Moses in Search of a People’

30 – The ‘Doctors’ Gather in Paris and Marx Discovers the ‘Proletariat’

31 – The Relationship between the Prophet of Communism and the Poet Who Foresaw Its Horrors

32 – Marx’s Work in Paris

33 – The ‘Doctors’ Take up Their Positions for the Coming Revolution

34 – Ferdinand Lassalle and Heine’s ‘Inheritance War’

35 – 1848: The Making of The Communist Manifesto

36 – The February Revolution in Paris: ‘The Madness of God’ Unleashed

37 – The Dispersal of the Doctors of Revolution

Epilogue. From the ‘Doctors’ to Lenin



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