Smith – Worley, editors. Waiting for the Revolution. The British Far Left from 1956.

Biblioteca / 2010-2019

Evan Smith – Matthew Worley, editors. Waiting for the Revolution. The British Far Left from 1956.

Manchester University Press, 2017.

290 páginas.


Introduction: the continuing importance of the history of the British far left / Evan Smith and Matthew Worley

1 – Revolutionary vanguard or agent provocateur: students and the far left on English university campuses, c.1970–90 / Jodi Burkett

2 – Not that serious? The investigation and trial of the Angry Brigade, 1967–72 / J. D. Taylor

3 – Protest and survive: the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, the Labour Party and civil defence in the 1980s / Jacquelyn Arnold

4 – Anti-apartheid solidarity in the perspectives and practices of the British far left in the 1970s and 1980s / Gavin Brown

5 – ‘The merits of Brother Worth’: the International Socialists and life in a Coventry car factory, 1968–75 / Jack Saunders

6 – Making miners militant? The Communist Party of Great Britain in the National Union of Mineworkers, 1956–85 / Sheryl Bernadette Buckley

7 – Networks of solidarity: the London left and the 1984–85 miners’ strike / Diarmaid Kelliher

8 – ‘You have to start where you’re at’: politics and reputation in 1980s Sheffield / Daisy Payling

9 – Origins of the present crisis? The emergence of ‘left-wing’ Scottish nationalism, 1956–81 / Rory Scothorne and Ewan Gibbs

10 – A miner cause? The persistence of left-nationalism in post-war Wales / Daryl Leeworthy

11 – The British radical left and Northern Ireland during the ‘Troubles’ / Daniel Finn

12 – The point is to change it: a short account of the Revolutionary Communist Party / Michael Fitzpatrick

13 – The Militant Tendency and entrism in the Labour Party / Christopher Massey

14 – Understanding the formation of the Communist Party of Britain / Lawrence Parker