Steve Rosswurm, editor. The CIO’s Left-Led Unions.

Biblioteca / 1990-1999

Steve Rosswurm, editor. The CIO’s Left-Led Unions

New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 1992.

xviii, 250 páginas.


Introduction: An Overview and Preliminary Assessment of the CIO’s Expelled Unions / Steve Rosswurm

Class and Race in the Crescent City: The ILWU, from San Francisco to New Orleans / Bruce Nelson

Who Controls the Hiring Hall? The Struggle for Job Control in the ILWU During World War II / Nancy Quam-Wickham

Black and White Together: Organizing in the South with the Food, Tobacco, Agricultural & Allied Workers Union (FTA-CIO), 1946-1952 / Karl Korstad

William Sentner, the UE, and Civic Unionism in St. Louis / Rosemary Feurer

The Catholic Church and the Left-Led Unions: Labor Priests, Labor Schools, and the ACTU / Steve Rosswurm

McCarthyism and the Labor Movement: The Role of the State / Ellen W. Schrecker

Fighting Left-Wing Unionism: Voices from the Opposition to the IFLWU in Fulton County, New York / Gerald Zahavi

The Shop-Floor Dimension of Union Rivalry: The Case of Westinghouse in the 1950s / Mark McColloch

«An Old Soldier» / Tom Juravich