Susan Weissman. Victor Serge.

Biblioteca /  2000-2009

Susan Weissman. Victor Serge. A Political Biography.

Londres: Verso, 2001.

Victor Serge (1890-1947)



Part I

In the orbit of revolution


1 – In the service of the Revolution: 1917–21

2 – Blockaded in Berlin; neutralized in Vienna; and into the Soviet fray

3 – Back in the USSR – the Left Opposition struggles 1926–28

4 – Stalinization 1928–33: the bureaucratic counter-revolution, solitary struggles in precarious freedom

5 – Orenburg 1933–36, interrogation and deportation: digging the graves of the Revolution

Part II

Another exile and two more: the final years


6 – Out of Russia, cornered in Europe

7 – From Paris to Marseilles, Marseilles to Mexico: the long, last journey from nightmare to refuge

8 – From Mexico, whither the USSR, the world?

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