Sylvia Ann Hewlett – Richard S. Weinert, eds. Brazil and Mexico. Patterns in Late Development.

Biblioteca / 1980-1989

Sylvia Ann Hewlett – Richard S. Weinert, editors. Brazil and Mexico. Patterns in Late Development.

Filadelfia: Institute for the Study of Human Issues, 1982.

349 páginas.


1 – Introduction: The Characteristics and Consequences of Late Development in Brazil and Mexico / SYLVIA ANN HEWLETT – RICHARD S. WEINERT

The state

Foreign capital

Demographic factors

Labor organizations

Social structures

Social equity

Political rights

2 – Mexican and Brazilian Economic Development: Legacies, Patterns, and Performance / DOUGLAS H. GRAHAM

Historical legacies

The contemporary period: comparative patterns and performance

Future prospects

3 – Popular Sector Incorporation and Political Supremacy: Regime Evolution in Brazil and Mexico / RUTH BERINS COLLIER

State and regime

Popular sector incorporation

Initial incorporation in Mexico and Brazil

The party heritage of initial incorporation

Economic crisis and political opposition in the 1950s and 1960s


4 – Foreign Investment and Dependent Development: Comparing Brazil and Mexico / PETER EVANS – GARY GEREFFI

Dependence, development, and DFI: a framework for analysis

Four phases of DFI in Brazil and Mexico

DFI in Brazil and Mexico: an empirical analysis


Appendix of tables

5 – The State as Banker and Entrepreneur: The Last Resort Character of the Mexican State’s Economic Intervention, 1917-1970 / DOUGLAS BENNETT – KENNETH SHARPE

Gerschenkron: the state and the requisites of late industrialization

The period from 1917 to 1940

The period from 1940 to 1970

Some theoretical conclusions

6 – The State and Organized Labor m Brazil and Mexico / KENNETH PAUL ERICKSON – KEVIN J. MIDDLEBROOK

The development of the interventionist state in Brazil and Mexico

State controls and union activity

The future: continuity or change?

7 – Income Distribution Trends in Mexico and the Kuznets Curves / DAVID FELIX

Trends in Mexican size distribution of income, 1885-1975

Growth-equity theorizing and the Mexican case


8 – Poverty and Inequality in Brazil / SYLVIA ANN HEWLETT

The Brazilian data

The theoretical debate within Brazil

A reinterpretation