T. Brotherstone, P. Dukes, editors. The Trotsky Reappraisal.

Biblioteca /  1990-1999

Terry Brotherstone, Paul Dukes, editors. The Trotsky Reappraisal.

Edimburgo: Edinburgh University Press, 1992.

Traducciones: Brian Pearce, Jenny Brine, Andrew Drummond.

250 páginas.


Preface and Acknowledgements

Part I


1 – Introductory essay / PAUL DUKES

2 – Stalin and Trotsky’s relatives in Russia / VALERY BRONSTEIN

3 – Trotsky: a biographer’s problems / PIERRE BROUÉ

Part II

Trotsky, the Russian Revolution and its outcome

4 – Trotsky’s train: an unknown page in the history of the Civil War / N. S. T ARKHOVA

5 – Trotsky and the struggle for ‘Lenin’s heritage’ / MICHAL REIMAN

6 – On the verge of the break: Trotsky and the Comintem in 1928 / A. VATLIN

7 – Trotsky and Ryutin: from the history of the anti-Stalin resistance in the 1930s / BORIS STARKOV

8 – L. D. Trotsky and the Second World War / SERGEI KUDRIASHOV

Part III

Approaches to Trotsky

9 – Trotsky: October and its perspective / V. P. BULDAKOV

10 – Between Hegel and Habermas: the political theory of Leon Trotsky / RICHARD DAY

11 – Trotsky and the Russian Social-Democratic controversy over comparative revolutionary history / UDO GEHRMANN

12 – Trotsky’s conception of the revolutionary process / ROBERT V. DANIELS

13 – The defence of terrorism: Trotsky and his major critics / GEORGE L. KLINE

14 – Trotsky and Martov / PHILIP POMPER

15 – Trotsky and Black nationalism / BARUCH HIRSON

Part IV

Trotsky and the economic debates of the 1920s and 1930s

16 – Trotsky and NEP / ALEC NOVE

17 – Trotsky’s conceptions concerning foreign economic relations / AGOTA GUEULLETTE

18 – Trotsky’s political economy of capitalism / HILLEL TICKTIN

Part V


19 – Trotsky’s future: an essay in conclusion / TERRY BROTHERSTONE

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