Tariq Ali, ed. The New Revolutionaries.

Biblioteca / 1960-1969

Tariq Ali, editor. The New Revolutionaries. A Handbook of the International Radical Left.

Nueva York: William Morrow/Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1969.

319 páginas.



Testimony at His Court Martial—Camiri, Bolivia / Regis Debray

The New Vanguard / Ernest Mandel

Towards an Extra-Parliamentary Opposition / Tom Fawthrop

The Extra-Parliamentary Opposition / Tariq Ali

Letter from Jail / Eldridge Cleaver

Black Power and the Third World / Stokely Carmichael

We Will Return to the Mountains! Victory or Death! / Inti Peredo

Students and the Chinese Cultural Revolution / Bill Luckin

Poland / Jacek Kuron – Karel Modzelewski

Czechoslovakia: First Assessment, First Lessons / Pierre Frank

From a Student Upheaval towards a Proletarian Socialist Revolution / Pierre Frank

Prophylactic Notes for the Self-Indictment of the Accused / Fritz Teufel

The Struggle against Capitalism in Italy: A Political Manifesto / Vittorio Rieser

The Struggle in the Middle East / Tony Cliff

Zimbabwe and White-Ruled Africa / Chenhamo Chimutengwende

Notes on the Revolutionary Students in Japan / Charlotte Nassim

Indonesia: The Struggle Continues / Malcolm Caldwell

Statement at the Solemn Tribute in Havana / Fidel Castro

How We Became Revolutionaries / Paul Rockwell

The Age of Permanent Revolution / Tariq Ali