The Doctrine of Saint-Simon: An Exposition.

Biblioteca / 1950-1959   1970-1979

Georg Iggers, editor. The Doctrine of Saint-Simon: An Exposition. First Year, 1828-1829.

Traducción, notas e introducción de Georg Iggers.

Beacon Press, 1958.

2da edición, New York: Schoken, 1972.


Preface to the second edition


I – On the Necessity of a New Social Doctrine

II –  The Law of the Development of Mankind: Verification of This Law by History

III – Conception, Method, and Historical Classification

IV – Antagonism and Universal Association

V – A Digression on the General Development of Human Species

VI – The Successive Transformation of Man’s Exploitation by Man and of the Rights of Property

VII – The Constitution of Property and the Organization of the Banks

VIII – Modern Theories of Property.

IX – Education

X – General or Moral Education

XI – Specialized or Professional Education

XII – Legislation

XIII – Introduction to the Religious Question

XIV – Objections Stemming From the Alleged Irreligion of the Positive Sciences

XV – A Digression on the Work Entitled The Third Book of the Industrialists’ Catechism, by Auguste Comte, a Student of Saint-Simon

XVI – A Letter Concerning the Difficulties Which the Adoption of a New Religious Belief Faces Today

XVII – The Religious Development of Mankind: Fetishism, Polytheism, Jewish and Christian Monotheism

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