Wayne Thorpe. Revolutionary Syndicalism and International Labour, 1913-1923.

Biblioteca / 1980-1989

Wayne Thorpe. “The Workers Themselves”. Revolutionary Syndicalism and International Labour, 1913-1923.

Instituto Internacional de Historia Social de Ámsterdam.

Dordrecht, Países Bajos: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1989.

360 páginas.



1 – Development: The Pre-War Syndicalist World

The Legacy of the First International

Fhe Doctrine of Syndicalism

The French Confédération Générale du Travail

Syndicalism Outside France

File Syndicalists and Labour Internationalism

2 – Debate: Seeking an International Syndicalist Strategy

French Resistance

An International Debate

The First International Syndicalist Congress: London, 1913

A Declaration of Principles and the Issue of International Organization

Appraisals and P arting Shots

3 – Despair … and Deliverance?: War, Revolution, and the Appeal of Moscow

Renewed Attempts

Syndicalism in Russia and the Revolution

The Founding of the Communist International

Assessing Bolshevik Internationalism: Early Responses

Early Dissenters: Rudolf Rocker and the German Syndicalists

4 – Decision Deferred: The Syndicalists vis-à-vis Moscow

The Changing View from Moscow

The Foreign Syndicalists in Russia

The Second Congress of the Comintern

The Refractory Few

The Syndicalists in Quest of Unity: The 1920 Berlin Conference

The Berlin Declaration

5 – Decision Demanded: Moscow’s Illusory Victory

The Russian Syndicalists Beleaguered

Moscow Bound

Bound to Moscow?: The RILU Congress

The Opposition in Disarray

6 – Defiance: The Breach

Liberating the Libertarians

Repercussions of the RILU Congress

“The Olive Branch, the Bloody Sword”: Towards Schism

The Syndicalists Break with Moscow: The June Conference

The CGTU and a Bolshevik Concession

7 – Departure: The Emergence of a Syndicalist International

The Troubled Odyssey of Alexander Schapiro

The Founding of the International Working Men’s Association

The Statutes of the IWMA

The Membership erf the IWMA


Appendix A: The Charter of Amiens (1906)

Appendix B: The London Declaration (1913)

Appendix C: The Berlin Declaration (1920)

Appendix D: The Declaration of the Principles of Revolutionary Syndicalism (1922)


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