William Smaldone. European Socialism. A Concise History with Documents.

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William Smaldone. European Socialism. A Concise History with Documents.

Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield, 2014.

xv, 345 páginas.


1 – Introduction

Socialism and the Legacy of the French Revolution

2 – Socialist Ideals and Imaginings, 1789-1830

Babeuf and the Critique of Private Property

Paine, Condorcet, and the Search for Social Security

Limits to Radical Change

Industrialization and Its Early Critics

Document 2.1. Analysis of the Doctrine of Babeuf (1796)

Document 2.2. The Progress of the Human Mind: The Tenth Stage (1793)

Document 2.3. Letters from an Inhabitant of Geneva to His Contemporaries (1803)

Document 2.4. Degradation of Women in Civilization

Document 2.5. An Address to the Inhabitants of New Lanark (1816)

3 – Socialist Ideology amid Reform and Revolution, 1830-1870

The Rise of Chartism in Britain

The Revolution of 1830 and the Emergence of French Socialism

Marx, Engels, and the Communist Manifesto

The Revolution of 1848

From Repression to Renewal: Founding the International Working Men’s Association

Document 3.1. Letter from Karl Marx to Arnold Ruge

Document 3.2. Karl Marx to Pierre Joseph Proudhon

Document 3.3. Proudhon’s Reply to Marx

Document 3.4. The Organization of Labor (1840)

Document 3.5. A Program for Revolution: The Communist Manifesto (1848)

Document 3.6. General Rules of the International Working Men’s Association (1864)

4 – Socialism in the Era of Mass Politics, 1870-1914

“Storming Heaven”: The Paris Commune

The Rise of German Socialism

The Collapse of the Workingmen’s International

Russia and the Prospects for Socialism

Parliamentary Politics and the Growth of the Socialist Movement

The Second International and Its Constituents

Reform or Revolution?

Document 4.1. Socialism, Utopian and Scientific (1877)

Document 4.2. Women in the Future (1879)

Document 4.3. Evolutionary Socialism (1899)

Document 4.4. Reform or Revolution (1900)

Document 4.5. What Is to Be Done? (1902)

Document 4.6. The Internationale (1871)

5 – The Birth of Communism and the Transformation of Socialism, 1914-1945

World War I and the Collapse of the Second International

The Russia Revolutions of 1917

Revolutionary Change and the Coming of Civil War

Revolution and Counterrevolution in the West

NEP Russia and the Coming of Stalin’s Revolution

Parliamentary Socialism: Recovery and Crisis

Alternative Socialist Strategies: Belgium and Sweden

The Hitler-Stalin Pact and the Coming of World War II

Document 5.1. State and Revolution (1917)

Document 5.2. The Transformation of Politics (1922)

Document 5.3. Stalin’s Revolution (1929)

6 – Socialism and Communism during the Cold War, 1945-1991

The Division of Europe

Postwar Social Democracy

Khrushchev and the Critique of Stalinism

The Transformation of Social Democracy

The Failure of Reform in Eastern Europe

Western Socialism on the Defensive: The New Social Movements and the Rise of Neoliberalism

From Brezhnev to Gorbachev: Crisis and Reform in the USSR

The End of Communism in Eastern Europe

The Collapse of the Soviet Union

Document 6.1. Why Socialism? (1949)

Document 6.2. “Women: The Longest Revolution” (1966)

Document 6.3. Perestroika (1987)

7 – Epilogue: The Retreat and Reemergence of Socialism, 1991 to the Present

The Crisis of Socialist Identity

The “Third Way” in Practice: Britain and Germany

Finding Their Niche: Former Communist Parties and Parties of the “Far Left”

Moving Left: Socialist Responses to Crisis of 2008

Socialism: Past and Future

Document 7.1. Political Action Programme of the Party of the European Left 2011-2013

Document 7.2. Party of European Socialism Declaration of Principles

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