Work among Women.

Biblioteca / 1920-1929

Work among Women.  

Londres: Communist Party of Great Britain, 1924.

78 páginas.



The Russian Communist Party at work among Women / Smidovich

Methods of approaching Working Women / O. Sakolova

Women’s Delegate Meetings / Moirova

Mass Methods of Work / F. Nurina

The Press as а Means of Organising the Proletarian Women / В. Kovnator

Methods of approaching the Working Women through the Unions / О. Chernishova

Forms and Methods of Work among the Women of the Soviet East / V. Kasparova

Protection of Mothers and Infants / V. Lebedeva

The Woman Worker and the Communal Dining Rooms / Artem Khalatoff

APPENDIX: A Suggested Programme for Working Women’s Study Circles