Yrjö Haila – Richard Levins. Humanity and Nature.

Biblioteca /  1990-1999

Yrjö Haila – Richard Levins. Humanity and Nature. Ecology, Science, and Society.

Londres: Pluto Press, 1992.

270 páginas.


Preface: The Multiple Faces of Ecology

1 – What Program can Ecology set for Society?

2 – Ecological Patterns

Kevo: Life in the Subarctic

The Taiga

Human Intervention in Northern Nature

Ecological Complexity

Qualitative Models

System Dynamics

Large-scale Ecological Theory

3 – Practicing Ecology

Research Practice: Working in the Field

Theoretical Practice

Data and Theory

Language and Reification

The Burden of Traditions

Social Practice

4 – Health as Part of the Ecosystem

Infectious Disease

Non-infectious Disease

A Biosocial Model of Individual Health

5 – Agricultural Ecology

The Critique of Modern Agriculture


The Design of Sustainable Agricultural Systems

Regional Agroecology

National Level Agriculture

6 – Social History of Nature

How does Nature Change?

Ecohistorical Periods

Ecohistorical Formations

7 – Political Ecology?

Defining Ecological Problems

Nature: Appropiation Versus Appreciation?

Perspectives for Action

Red and Green