Zvi Gitelman. Jewish Nationality and Soviet Politics.

Biblioteca / 1970-1979

Zvi Gitelman. Jewish Nationality and Soviet Politics. The Jewish Sections of the CPSU, 1917-1930.

Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1972.

xii, 573 páginas.



I – The Politics of the Jewish Question in Tsarist Russia

Origins of the Bund’s National Program

The New World of Politics and the Emergence of Jewish Parties

II – 1917: Parties, Politics, and the Planning of Freedom

The Bund and the Revolutions of 1917

III – The Establishment of the Jewish Commissariats and Jewish Sections

Early Days in the Jewish Commissariats and Sections

The First Conference of the Jewish Commissariats and Sections

IV – Disappearing Alternatives: The End of the Jewish Socialist Parties

The Split in the Ukrainian Bund

The Split in the Belorussian Bund

The Final Split

The Dissolution of the Farainigte

The Splitting of the Poalai Tsion

The Ex-Bundists and the Evsektsiia

V – “Revolution on the Jewish Street”

The Attack on the Old Order

The Attack on the Jewish Religion

VI – The Constructive Years

The Evsektsiia and the Jewish School

The Yiddishization of Political and Cultural Institutions

“Face to the Shtetl

Yiddishization of the Courts

Yiddishization in the Party

Yiddishization and the Trade Unions

VII – The Evsektsiia and the Modernization of Soviet Jewry

Modernization through Agricultural Colonization

The Evsektsiia in the Belorussian and Ukrainian Communist Parties

The Evsektsiia Debates the National Question

VIII – Deviations, Dissension, Dissolution

IX – Conclusion

The Evsektsiia and the Changing Soviet Political System

The Evsektsiia and Soviet Nationality Policy

Epilogue: The Tragedy of the Evsektsiia Activists