A. Saich – B. Yang (eds.) The Rise to Power of the Chinese Communist Party. Documents and Analysis.

Biblioteca / 1990-1999

Anthony Saich – Benjamin Yang, eds. The Rise to Power of the Chinese Communist Party: Documents and Analysis.

Primera edición, Sharpe, 1996.

Segunda edición, Londres/Nueva York: Routledge, 2015.



Chronology of the Chinese Communist Movement 1919-1949


Commentary A: The Founding of the Chinese Communist Party and the Origins of Cooperation with the Guomindang, 1920-1923

Commentary B: Cooperation and Conflict with the Nationalists: The United Front in Action, 1924-July 1927

Commentary C: The Sixth Party Congress and the Upsurge of Communist Rebellions, July 1927-1930

Commentary D: The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Movement in Central China, 1931-January 1935

Commentary E: Transition from the Civil War to the United Front, May 1935-November 1938

Commentary F: Problems in the United Front, 1939-1941

Commentary G: Establishing the Orthodoxy, October 1939-April 1945

Commentary H: The Slide to Civil War and Preparation for Rule, July 1944-June 1949

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