Helmut Gruber – Pamela Graves, eds. Women and Socialism, Socialism and Women.

Biblioteca / 1990-1999

Helmut Gruber – Pamela Graves, eds. Women and Socialism, Socialism and Women: Europe Between the Two World Wars.

New York: Berghahn Books, 1998. 575 páginas.


Introduction / Helmut Gruber & Pamela Graves

1914: Great Feminist Expectations / Michelle Perrot

Part I. Social Experiments

Introduction / Atina Grossmann

1 – The “New Woman”: Realities and Illusions of Gender Equality in Red Vienna / Helmut Gruber

2 – Modernization as Challenge: Perceptions and Reactions of German Social Democratic Women / Adelheid von Saldern

3 – German Communism and New Women: Dilemmas and Contradictions / Atina Grossmann

Part II. Grassroots Initiatives

Introduction / Pamela Graves

4 – An Experiment in Women-Centered Socialism: Labour Women in Britain / Pamela Graves

5 – Gender and Democratic Socialism in the Netherlands / Ulla Jansz

6 – Bread and Roses: Pragmatic Women in the Belgium Workers’ Party / Denise De Weerdt

Part III. Political Fractures

Introduction / Mary Gibson

7 – French Women in the Crossfire of Class, Sex, Maternity and Citizenship / Helmut Gruber

8 – The French Communist Party and Women 1920-1939: From “Feminism” to Familialism / Christine Bard & Jean-Louis Robert

9 – “Ideals of Redemption”: Socialism and Women on the Left in Spain / Mary Nash

10 – Women and the Left in the Shadow of Fascism in Interwar Italy / Mary Gibson

Part IV. Prelude to Welfare States

Introduction / Ida Blom

11 – Social Democrats and the Woman Question in Sweden: A History of Contradiction / Renée Frangeur

12 – A Double Responsibility: Women, Men, and Socialism in Norway / Ida Blom

13 – Socialist Feminists and Feminist Socialists in Denmark 1920-1940 / Hilda Romer Christensen

Part V. Reflections

14 – Women, Citizenship, and Power / Louise A. Tilly

15 – From Welfare Politics to Welfare States: Women and the Socialist Question / Geoff Eley

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