Alexandra Kollontai. Selected Articles and Speeches.

Biblioteca / 1980-1989

Alexandra Kollontai. Selected Articles and Speeches.

Nueva York: International Publishers, 1984, 230 páginas. Traducción del ruso por Cynthia Carlile.


I. Dazhina. An Impassioned Opponent of War and Champion of Peace and Female Emancipation

Introduction to the Book The Social Basis of the Women’s Question, 1908

International Socialist Conferences of Women Workers [1907-1916]

The International Proletariat and War. From a speech delivered in Stockholm on 1 May, 1912

‘Women’s Day’. February 1913

The War and Our Immediate Tasks [November 1914]

A Giant Mind, A Giant Will [1914-1916]

Who Needs the War? [1915]

Why Was the German Proletariat Silent in the July Days? [September 1915]

Preface to the Book Society and Motherhood [1915]

The Statue of Liberty [The End of 1916]

Our Memorial to the Fighters for Freedom [March 1917]

Our Tasks [May 1917]

Lenin at Smolny [October-November 1917]

Women Fighters in the Days of the Great October Revolution [1917]

Lenin Thought of Both Great and Small [January 1946]

Why the Bolsheviks Must Win [December 1917]

What Are We Fighting For? [May 1919]

On the History of the Movement of Women Workers in Russia [1905-1917]

V. I. Lenin and the First Congress of Women Workers [November, 1918]

The First Steps Towards the Protection of Motherhood [1917-1918]

The Woman Worker and Peasant in Soviet Russia [1921]

What Has the October Revolution Done for Women in the West? [October 1927]

The Soviet Women – A Full and Equal Citizen of Her Country [September 1946]


Some Important Dates and Events in the Life of Alexandra Kollontai

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