Allan Mitchell. Revolution in Bavaria, 1918-1919.

Biblioteca / 1960-1969

Allan Mitchell. Revolution in Bavaria, 1918-1919: The Eisner Regime and the Soviet Republic.

Princeton University Press, 1965. 380 páginas.



I – The Origins of Revolution

Before the War

The War Years

II – Kurt Eisner

Eisner in Berlin

Eisner in Bavaria

III – The November Revolution

Reform or Revolt?

The Munich Putsch

IV – Problems of Peace and Order

Domestic Policy: the Initial Weeks

Foreign Policy: the Break with Berlin

V – Council System and Cabinet Crisis

The Councils of Soldiers, Workers, and Peasants

The Problem of Parliamentarianism

VI – Party System and Bürgerwehr Crisis

The Political Realignment

The Crisis of Christmas Week

VII – The Statistics of Deterioration

The Parliamentary Elections

The Economics of Unemployment

VIII – The End of the Eisner Regime

The Radical Threat

The Ides of February

IX – The Second Revolution

The Interregnum

The Hoffmann Administration

X – The Soviet Republic

The «Pseudo» Soviet Republic

Communist Rule and Civil War



The Communist View of the Bavarian Revolution

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