August Brass. On the barricades of Berlin.

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August Brass. On the Barricades of Berlin. 

Montreal: Black Rose Books, 2021.

Traducido y editado por Andreas Weiland y Peter Light.

Primera edición en alemán: Berlin’s Barrikaden, Ihre Entstehung, ihre Verteidigung und ihre Folgen. Berlin, 1848.

August Heinrich Brass (1818-1876)

Edición original alemana


Foreword / Peter Light

Introduction / Andreas Weiland


Part I: Start of 1848 to March 11: Thunderclouds on the Horizon

Part II: March 12-17: The Course is Set

Part III: Friday, March 17: The Turning Point

Interlude: A Personal Moment of Memory and Emotion

Part IV: Afternoon, March 18: To the Barricades!

Part V: Evening, March 18th: The Second Phase of the Fighting

Part VI: Night, March 18-19: The Third Phase of the Fighting

Part VII: Morning, March 19: The Red Dawn of Freedom

Part VIII: March 19: Peace! Peace!

Part IX: Morning, March 20: Liberation of the Polish Prisoners

Part X: March 21: The King Rides the Streets

Part XI: March 22: The Funeral

Part XII: March 22: Closing Words of Wisdom and Inspiration

The March Revolution: A Botched Revolution? / Andreas Weiland

Epilogue / Andreas Weiland

Last Words / Peter Light