Bonachea – San Martín. The Cuban Insurrection, 1952-1959.

Biblioteca / 1970-1979

Ramón Bonachea – Marta San Martín. The Cuban Insurrection, 1952-1959.

New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Books, 1974.

480 páginas.



Major Historical Events 1868-1952


1 – The Moncada Attack

The Road to Action

The Moncada Barracks

The Capture of Fidel Castro

Public Opinion and the Trial

Fidel Castro’s Defense

2 – Elections and Amnesty

The Forrajeo

General Amnesty

The Search for a Movement

Frank País

3 – The Student Movement

Batista and the Students

José Antonio Echeverría

Santa Marta and Lindero

The Directorio Revolucionario

Ideology of the DR

Student Demonstration: A New Escalation

The Sugar Workers’ Strike and the DR

4 – Prologue to Insurrection

The Exiles

Heroes or Martyrs

“Che” Guevara

The Pact of Mexico

Creating the Conditions

5 – The Making of the Guerrillas

Conditions in Cuba

A Matter of Arms

The Santiago Uprising

Conditions in Havana

Fidel Castro: Disaster and Recovery

Initial Setback and Regrouping

The Assault on La Plata

Treason and a New Beginning

Reinforcements from the Cities

The Battle of El Uvero

Estrada Palma, Bueycito, Pino del Agua

Organization of the Regular Army

Pino del Agua II

Elements of the Mystique

6 – The Palace Attack

The Strategy

The Attack


The Executive Council Meets

Humboldt 7

Praises to Batista

7 – Challenge and Repression

The Death of Frank País

The Cienfuegos Uprising

8 – Ideology and Politics

M-26-7: Its Ideology

The Tampa Declaration

Junta de Liberación Cubana

Castro Versus Chomón

9 – A New Strategy

The DR’s Decision to Fight Guerrilla War

The Expedition

The Manifesto of Escambray

The DR Guerrilla Front

Internal Division

The Second Front of Escambray

The Second Front, “Frank País” in Oriente Province

Structural Organization

10 – The Frustrated Strike: April 9, 1958

Prelude: U.S. Arms Embargo

Genesis of the Strike

The Pérez-Ray Interview

Objections to the Strike

The Call to Strike

The Meeting at Altos de Mompié

The May Report

A New Alignment: The Communists

The New Reality

The Aftermath

11 – The Summer Offensive

Military Plans

Problems of Command

The Offensive

First Move: The Army

Santo Domingo

Unity of the Insurrectional Sector

The Pact of Caracas

Attack: An Intrepid Maneuver

Confidendial Report

Operation “N”

The Battle of Las Mercedes

Progressive Disintegration of the Armed Forces

12 – The Westward March

Guevara, Chomón and Menoyo

Guevara and Oltusky

13 – The Last Battle

November Farce

The Strategy

The Battle

The Armored Train

The Fall of Santa Clara

14 – The Final Decision: Batista Leave

The Castro-Cantillo Meeting

Batista and Cantillo Meet

Plots and Counterplots

The Last Decision


Now What Do We Do, General?

The Underground Acts

15 – The Perils of Counterrevolution

Castro Reacts

The Mirage of Power

The Revolution


1 – Leadership Positions Held by Militants of the Insurrection in the Cuban Revolutionary Government (1972-73)

2 – Major Events of the Urban Insurrection 1952-1959

3 – Guerrilla Actions Against the Regular Army, December 2, 1956-December 31, 1958

4 – Population in Selected Cities

5 – Density and Distribution of Population by Province 1953-1958


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