Mitchell Abidor, ed. The Permanent Guillotine.

Biblioteca / 2010-2019

Mitchell Abidor, editor. The Permanent Guillotine. Writings of the Sans-Culottes.

Oakland: PM Press, 2018.

160 páginas.



A Sans-Culotte Miscellanea

The Permanent Guillotine

The Sans-Culotte Alphabet

You Won’t Thumb Your Noses at Us!

Second and Final Address of the Brave Sans-Culottes

The Popular Society of Sans-Culottes of Nîmes

Jacques Roux (1752-1794)

Manifesto of the Enragés

The Agony of the Cruel Antoinette

Interrogation Concerning Marat’s Assassination

The Awakening of the Revolutionary Tribunal

Anacharsis Cloots (1755-1794)

Religion Is the Greatest Obstacle

Speech Given in the Name of the Prussian Fédérés

Speech on Behalf of the Committee of Foreigners

Jacques Hébert (1757-1794)

Important Advice from Père Duchesne to the Aristocrats

The Grand Army of Pere Duchesne

The Great Anger of Père Duchesne against the Moderates

The Great Anger of Père Duchesne against the Rich

The Great Joy of Père Duchesne

J.R. Hébert, Deputy Procurator of the Commune

Sylvain Maréchal (1750-1803)

The Festival of Reason

The Catechism of the Curé Meslier

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