David Rubinstein, ed. People for the People.


David Rubinstein, editor. People for the People. Radical Ideas & Personalities in British History.

Londres: Ithaca Press, 1973.

Nueva York: Humanities Press, 1973.

270 páginas.



Introduction / Michael Foot

The Rebellion of 1381 / Rodney Hilton

Sir Thomas More’s Utopia / Andrew Boyd

The Levellers / Christopher Hill

Thomas Paine and the Beginnings of Modern Radicalism / Henry Collins

Luddism and the Early Trade Unions / A. J. Peacock

Robert Owen / Margaret Cole

Peterloo / Edward Thompson

William Cobbett and the Struggle for Parliamentary Reform / Anthony Arblaster

Captain Swing & the Uprising of 1830 / George Rudé

Chartism, Success or Failure? / Dorothy Thompson

The Hyde Park Rail-Way to Reform / Royden Harrison

Charles Bradlaugh / David Tribe

  1. M. Hyndman / Asa Briggs

Hyndman & the Social Democratic Federation / Chushichi Tsuzuki

William Morris: Art & Revolution / Anthony Arblaster

The Sack of the West End 1886 / David Rubinstein

Annie Besant / David Rubinstein

The New Unionism & the Dock Strike of 1889 / John Lovell

Keir Hardie & the Origins of the Labour Party / Fred Reid

Gentlemen of the Socialist Press / Laurence Thompson

The First Women’s Liberation Movement / Janet Blackman

Labour Unrest before the First World War / Walter Kendall

The Left in the First World War / Fenner Brockway

Guild Socialism / Richard Clements

  1. J. Cook and the General Strike / Tony Mason

The Labour Party & the Slump / Robert Skidelsky

The Left in the ’Thirties / Philip Bagwell

Labour & the Second World War / Angus Calder

Looking Backwards & Forwards—The Labour Government of 1945 / Benn Levy

Epilogue: Reflections on Violence in British Social History / David Rubinstein

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