Mommsen – Husung, eds. The Development of Trade Unionism in Great Britain and Germany, 1880-1914.


Wolfgang Mommsen – Hans-Gerhard Husung, editors. The Development of Trade Unionism in Great Britain and Germany, 1880-1914.

Londres: Allen & Unwin, 1985.

390 páginas.


Introduction / Wolfgang J. Mommsen

Part One

The New Unionism in a European Context

1 – The ‘New Unionism’ Reconsidered / Eric J. Hobsbawm

2 – The New Unionism in Britain: its Economic Background / Sidney Pollard

Part Two

Strike Movements in Europe: A Comparative Analysis

3 – Strikes and the Struggle for Union Organization: Britain and Europe / James E. Cronin

4 – International Strike Waves: a Critical Assessment / Friedhelm Boll

5 – The Significance of the Great Dock Strike of 1889 in British Labour History / John Lovell

6 – The Rank-and-File Movements and the Trade Unions in the Hamburg Docks from 1896-7 / Michael Grüttner

Part Three

Industrial Modernization, Politics and Trade Union Organization

7 – The New Unionism and the Labour Process / Richard Price

8 – The Division of Labour and Politics in Britain, 1880-1920 / Alastair Reid

9 – New Unionism for Old? The Amalgamated Society of Engineers in Britain / Keith Burgess

10 – The New Unionism in Britain: the Railway Industry / Philip S. Bagwell

11 – Conflict and Organization in the Early History of the German Trade Union Movement / Klaus Tenfelde

12 – Localism — Craft Union — Industrial Union: Organizational Patterns in German Trade Unionism / Klaus Schönhoven

Part Four

Syndicalism, Christian Unionism and ‘Free’ Labour

13 – Syndicalism and Localism in the German Trade Union Movement / Dirk H. Müller

14 – Mass Organization and Militancy in Britain: Contrasts and Continuities / Richard Hyman

15 – Revolutionary Syndicalism and the British Labour Movement / Robert J. Holton

16 – The Christian Trade Unions and Strike Activity / Michael Schneider

17 – The National Free Labour Association: Working-Class Opposition to New Unionism in Britain / Geoffrey Alderman

Part Five

Trade Unions, Employers and the State

18 – The British State, the Business Community and the Trade Unions / John Saville

19 – Industrial Structure, Employer Strategy and the Diffusion of Job Control in Britain, 1880-1920 / Jonathan Zeitlin

20 – Repression or Integration? The State, Trade Unions and Industrial Disputes in Imperial Germany / Klaus Saul

Part Six

Trade Unions and the Political Labour Movement

21 – Trade Unions and the Labour Party in Britain / Jay M. Winter

22 – The Free Trade Unions and Social Democracy in Imperial Germany / Hans Mommsen

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