Defending Principles: The Political Legacy of Bill Brust.

Biblioteca / 1990-1999

Jean Brust, editor. Defending Principles: The Political Legacy of Bill Brust.

Southfield, Mich.: Labor Publications, 1993.

310 páginas.


Introduction / Jean Brust

First Memorial Meeting in Minneapolis

Why and How I Became a Revolutionary / Bill Brust

Bill Brust Remembered

A Fighter for Socialism / Fred Mazelis

Bill’s Role in the 1948 Packinghouse Strike / Jean Brust

The Life and Times of Bill Brust / David North

Reminiscences of My Father / Cynthia Brust Moore

Gifts from the Past / Steven Brust

Writings 1968-1986

A Brief History of the Revolutionary Workers Movement in Germany, 1850-1919

The Firebombing of Dresden in World War II

Cultural Life after the October 1917 Revolution

Henry Schultz: Pioneer American Trotskyist

Carleton Beals and the Moscow Trials

The Rise of the American Steelworkers

The Minneapolis Teamsters Strike of 1934

Stalinism and the Farmer-Labor Party in the 1930s

Writings 1989

The European Journal of Bil Brust

Memorial Meeting in Frankfurt, Germany

Bill Brust and the Continuity of Trotskyism

Messages and Condolences from Socialists around the World


Letter of Resignation from Bill Brust to the Socialist Workers Party, October 31, 1964

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